Which NBA team has the easiest schedule in February?

With almost one third of the NBA season over, the Golden State Warriors are once again at the top of the Western Conference Standings and are the hands down favorites to win it all. Even though the Denver Nuggets are not far behind the Dubs in the NBA standings, the Warriors have an easy schedule ahead which includes games against teams like Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat, Utah Jazz. Even though no team is tough for the Warriors that now starts five All-Stars, their NBA schedule this month looks relatively easier compared to the last month where they met really strong teams from both the conferences.

Similar to the Warriors, the San Antonio Spurs also have a very comfortable schedule coming up with only few games against tough teams like Golden State, Toronto and Portland. However, despite their relatively easier schedule, they have some major injury concerns and that will bother them with the playoffs fast approaching.

The NBA-leading Milwaukee Bucks also have a really good round of fixtures coming up with games against teams like Dallas, Washington, Chicago and Sacramento. The Bucks are expected to come out on top easily in these games.

The Boston Celtics have one of the toughest NBA schedule of the season this month with games against all the powerhouse teams. This includes teams like Thunder, Raptors, Bucks, Sixers to name a few. On the top of it, most of these fixtures are road games and that will be a challenge in itself to overcome for the Celtics.

The Portland Trail Blazers had one of their best months in January as they went 11-4. What follows this month is a really tough NBA schedule that includes games against powerhouses like the Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics to name a few. The Portland Trail Blazers are currently placed at the fourth spot in NBA Western Conference Standings.

The Toronto Raptors find themselves at the second spot in East at the moment and this month will give them plenty of chances to make some push in the standings as they have one of the easiest schedules of their season. The Raptors will be looking to go past the Milwaukee Bucks even though there is still sizeable gap between the two teams in the standings.

Philadelphia fans, we got a bad news for you. The Sixers have a very tough schedule but if they can come out of this month winning good number of games, they can really capitalize on it and better their record towards the end of the season. In January, the Sixers went 10-4 in a relatively easier run of games.

The Lakers are currently on a two-game losing streak and LeBron James has just returned from his groin injury. However, the bad news is that they have a really tough schedule this month and with all the trade uncertainty around the franchise, don’t expect them to live up to the expectations.

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