Under Armour Stephen Curry Basketball Review

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Under Armour started as a small sports apparel brand and has grown into the ranks as one of the leading sports equipment corporations in the United States.

They now sponsor premier athletes such as Stephen Curry, Cam Newton, and Jordan Spieth.

With this expansion Under Armour has grown its product lines into shoes and other areas related to sports.  One of the areas they’ve moved into is basketball.  In this article, we take a closer look at the Stephen Curry Under Armour Basketball.

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The cover on the Stephen Curry Under Armour Basketball is made of rubber.  For those who are familiar with basketball, you should be aware that rubber is the least desirable material that basketballs can be made of.

Generally, basketballs that are made of rubber feel stiff and do not provide good feeling.

This is the case with the Stephen Curry Basketball as well.

The advantage of rubber basketballs are their durability.  They can be used without issue outdoors even on rough surfaces like gravel.


While the rubber cover featured on the Stephen Curry Under Armour Basketball is similar to other rubber basketballs, the bladder on the UA SC Basketball is certainly better.

Because this basketball has a better bladder it holds air longer and it has a more consistent bounce compared to other entry-level basketballs.

Cover Design

One of the coolest features of the Stephen Curry Under Armour Basketball is the outer cover design.  There are two color schemes to choose from.  The first features the standard blue and yellow colors of the Golden State Warriors.

The other is a more radical orange and blue mashup that is more unique to the Stephen Curry brand.

Channel Design

The channel design on the Stephen Curry Basketball is fairly standard with channels that are not super wide or deep.  This will satisfy most players who like a traditional basketball.  However, if you desire to grip the basketball you buy you’ll probably want to purchase a Wilson as they have the widest and deepest channels.


At the end of the day, this basketball will be a hit with kids who are fans of Stephen Curry.  The basketball is good, but certainly not great, and I’d consider it a starter basketball that is best for those who will be playing on asphalt or gravel.

The price is a bit high, likely due to the Stephen Curry branding.  I would personally spend another $5 and get a good quality indoor/outdoor composite leather basketball like the Spalding TF-500 if I were given the choice.  But again, it all comes down to what surface you will be playing on.

Main Features

  • Unique outer design that features the Stephen Curry logo and two different color scheme options
  • UA GRIP SKIN rubber that can be used on all surfaces
  • Standard channel design should suit most basketball players
  • Price is high for a rubber basketball and closer to entry-level composite leather indoor/outdoor basketball

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