Under Armour Men’s ClutchFit Drive 3 Review

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  • Amazing MicroG lining covers the entire sole
  • Bear-trap lacing system offers unique support
  • Diamond blade traction pad is exceptional


  • Heel support is underwhelming, feels nonexistent

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Full Review - Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 3

The Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3 is a phenomenal pair of basketball shoes that’ll provide all the basics for dominating the court.

While they may not have the name or brand recognition of the other greats such as Nike or Adidas, Under Armour has really proven itself over the last decade.

The ClutchFit 3 is no exception, providing a super lightweight shoe that’s also incredibly secure and supportive.

With the inclusion of a unique bear-trap lacing system, you’ll feel snug yet free as you blaze past the competition.

Clutchfit Drive 3 Specs

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High Top

16 oz.


True to Size


The Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3 absolutely delivers in the traction department.

While the flat traction pad may seem unimpressive upon first glance, it actually provides some of the best bite for your buck.

Firstly, the design looks incredible. Diamond blades provide a sharp, edgy appearance and simply look menacing on the court.

Additionally, the pads do best on clean courts and surfaces. When the surface is dusty this outsole does collect dust and will require some regular whipping.  

The rubber compound used to make the traction pads is very tacky, providing all the bite you need without keeping you glued to the court.

Even if you use the pair exclusively outdoors, you’ll be surprised at how long they’ll last you.


This is the one area for this pair where it seems Under Armour spent the least amount of effort, yet the result is still decent.

There aren’t too many features to marvel at in the shoe’s support department.

You’ll get all the basics: an external heel cup will minimize heel shifting from left to right. Internal shanks will prevent awkward contortions on your feet. And the bear-trap lacing system keeps your feet secured in place during even though most intense moments of the game.


The ClutchFit Drive 3 has truly lived up to the ClutchFit name this iteration as Under Armour has emphasized its incredible upper mesh technology.

Breathable and flexible, you’ll find that it keeps you contained without suffocation.

The fine line between support and discomfort is further enhanced thanks to the sense of durability you’ll feel. Flexible enough to yield when it matters, yet secure enough to sustain you during the sharpest jukes, this pair feels truly amazing.


One word: MicroG.

There’s simply no denying it: Under Armour’s MicroG technology is unmatchable.

Lined all across the full length of your foot, the MicroG foundation will provide excellent comfort during landings.

Even better, though, is that all that potential energy from your landings can be converted into lightning fast and powerful takeoffs—leaving competitors in the dust.

Then, with the bear trap lacing system, you’ll find a unique approach to tying up that applies pressure from top to bottom rather than from the sides. This could feel a bit awkward at first, but once you get used to it, they’ll feel great.

There’s very little empty space in the toe box because the measurements reflect actual sizes, which is a great plus.

Sole Decision

These shoes are really good for the price.

The comfort is undeniable thanks to the MicroG lining all across the sole.

You might find the heel sole a bit underwhelming, but thanks to the bear-trap lacing system, the right amount of pressure is applied in a consistent way.

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