Under Armour HOVR Havoc Low Basketball Shoe Review

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  • Great cushioning thanks to high-tech HOVR materials
  • Awesome lockdown and support in all areas of the shoe
  • Simple herringbone traction pattern delivers the grip you need no matter what court you’re playing on


  • The HOVR cushion will take a long time to break in and adapt to your foot

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Full Review – UA HOVR Havoc Low 

Fans and players alike have mixed views on Under Armour when it comes to the court. Some love it, some hate it. Whichever side of the aisle you’re on, there’s no denying that they have made some stellar basketball shoes in the last few years. This one might just be the best one yet. Even firm critics will have a hard time finding something negative in this shoe. From great traction, excellent cushion, to 360-degree lockdown, the HOVR Havoc has everything you need in a court shoe.

UA HOVR Havoc Low Specs

Release Date:



Built For:



Low Top

       12.03 oz


Down Half Size


There’s nothing visibly flashy about the HOVR Havoc’s traction (or any of UA’s shoe’s traction). Still, it gets the job done.

It is a simple herringbone pattern that grips the court no matter how clean or dirty the surface is.

Wiping the shoes isn’t an issue and you won’t find yourself slipping even on the oldest, most in need of surfacing courts.

It is also terrific outdoors, making this is good option for players who play in both environments.


Since these shoes are low-tops, you don’t get high ankle support.

Other than that, the HOVR Havoc delivers a surprisingly high amount of support for the rest of your foot.

The midfoot features a torsional shank that also acts as a TPU carrier for more cushion. A wide, flat base keeps you away from sprains and a barrier-style outrigger gives you more support.

Best of all, you don’t sacrifice any natural movement or mobility.


This shoe features some seriously high-tech materials.

For example, the HOVR cushioning (check out the next section.)

However, the top of the shoe is also great. The front is a mesh base that is covered in a material similar to silk screening. This keeps the shoe flexible but also gives it some extra lockdown and stability.

Without being too complicated, Under Armor has used high-tech materials to make this shoe great.


Under Armor’s proprietary HOVR has quickly found its way to the court after debuting in some of their running and training shoes.

The fiber web surrounding a bed of cushioning provides great recoil and energy return while keeping the shoe light.

The only downside is that the sole uses a combo of EVA and HOVR material. This in itself isn’t a downside. But, you will need to put quite a few games into these shoes before they form to your foot and are truly comfortable.

Otherwise, the cushion on this shoe is tremendous and is one of the best that Under Armor has ever put out.

Sole Decision

The HOVR Havoc might just be the best basketball shoe Under Armor has ever made.

From unrivaled cushioning while retaining natural court feel to stability and lockdown without sacrificing movement, this shoe has it all.

This is a great choice for anyone who plays fast and uses cuts and quickness to their advantage.

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