Review of the Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Hoops Fiend Rating: Under Armour 495 Basketball

Bounce: 3.5/5

Grip: 4/5

Feel: 4/5

Durability: 4.5/5

Value: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.9/5


Main Features

  • The Under Armour 495 features the UA Gripskin composite leather for optimal grip and feel

  • Has a shallow channel design that is not extra deep but fairly wide

  • Features full pebble design

  • 100% Nylon Windings for Excellent Shape Retention

  • 100% Butyl bladder works to retain air so the ball does not go flat


Under Armour as a brand has not been in the game long but they have certainly made a huge impact on the world of sports apparel and sports equipment.  Beginning with compression gear that worked to wick sweat, they now have come so far as to have their own line of basketball shoes and basketballs.  The two basketballs from Under Armour that we have tested as part of our reviews are the 495 and the 595, the former of which we would like to talk about in further detail as part of this article.

The Under Armour 495 is a mid-range basketball in the world of Under Armour indoor/outdoor basketballs. Reviewers found its best feature seems to be the feel of the ball; grip, feel, and softness all were at appropriate levels for good play and the best feel. This basketball has a composite leather cover, which provides a smooth surface for dribbling and shooting. The grip of the ball was found to be excellent, and many reviewers felt the 495 gave a good grip for great control moving down the court. Testing has proven this ball to be a solid choice due to its feel and grip.

You’ll find the bounce of the Under Armour 495 to be pretty average. Various reviewers found the bounce to be not up to par, but other reviewers were satisfied with the bounce. We’d say that the bounce of the ball is consistently average, and not bad at all. There are indeed other basketballs with better bounce performance, but the 495 scores solidly mid-range when it comes to bounce. The grip and feel of the Under Armour 495 may exceed the bounce, but all in all the bounce won’t affect your game in a negative way.

The Under Armour 495 basketball features their Gripskin technology for a good grip. While the Gripskin technology is good, it hangs in there with other brands of basketballs we have tested as well. The 495, however, does have a wide set channel design that could help you grip and palm the ball better. If grip is a high priority for you and the basketball of your choice, you might be better suited by looking in the direction of a Wilson Wave Basketball or the Baden Contender.

One nice thing about the Under Armour 495 is its reasonable price. For a younger player or beginner, the 495 might be a good starting choice without having to invest too much money for a starter basketball. The Under Armour 495 retails usually around $25-$30, which  is a good price for beginners wanting to try out a decent basketball for indoor or outdoor use.

For us at Hoops Fiend the 495 is a good choice, however, we felt that is it not the top choice for basketballs, but a good mid-range choice for beginners or youth players. While Under Armour claims that the ball is an indoor/outdoor basketball, reviewers have found it best to be used indoors, offering better performance.


  • Grip and feel of the 495 is really good and will feel at home in your hands
  • The composite leather has a good leather feel
  • The channel design size is wide and shallow for great grip
  • The Under Armour 493 rates well for grip and feel
  • The 495 gives an good bang for your buck due to its medium price point


  • The bounce of this basketball could be improved
  • The ball could have better performance outdoors as well as indoors

For being new to the basketball production game, Under Armour has created some decent products with its 495 and 595 models. They will likely improve and offer more models of basketballs in the future. For now, the 495 proves to be a nice model for younger players as well as beginners, and as the price point to match. The Under Armour 495 combines great grip and feel with a good bounce to produce a solid basketball for lots of use in games and casual play.