Under Armour 295 Basketball Review

Hoops Fiend Rating: Under Armour 295 Basketball

Bounce: 4/5

Grip: 4/5

Feel: 2.5/5

Durability: 5/5

Value: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.8/5

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 Main Features

  • The Under Armour 295 features the UA Gripskin composite for optimal grip and feel
  • Has deeper channel design and extra channels that feature the Under Armour logo
  • Extra durability compared to the Under Armour 495 and 595 basketballs
  • Designed for outdoor play on the streets and local courts
  • Comes in both women’s (size 6) men’s (size 7)


Under Armour has grown significantly since our reviews of the 495 and 595 thanks to their sponsorship with Steph Curry.  Because of this partnership more and more basketball players are eager to learn about the quality of basketball related products that Under Armour is producing.  At Hoops Fiend, we’ve been fortunate to be able to test several of these products and overall we have been impressed.  While the first two basketballs we reviewed were designed for both indoor and outdoor play, the Under Armour 295 is specifically built to take the punishment of the outdoor courts.

The Under Amour 295 has an unconventional design with a large color logo that provides extra channels for enhanced grip. While dribbling you will notice that you can control this basketball without much more effort than it takes with higher end indoor basketballs.  Now once the 295 gets some dirt on it then it is a slightly different story as the basketball can become more slick making it more difficult to control.

Where the Under Armour 295 really shines is in terms of its durability.  Because it was built for outdoor play, the 295 features a similar Grip Skin found on their other basketball models, but the cover on the 295 does feel like it can take more abuse.  On the flip side, this also means that Under Armour 295 Basketball does lack a bit in terms of feel.  The cover of the 295 is rougher and less cushioned compared some other higher end basketballs that are made for both indoor and outdoor use.

In terms of bounce, the Under Armour 295 is sharp for an outdoor basketball.  You can count on it performing consistently during pick up games.  During testing the ball did not exhibit an off center bounces that would cause an issue with your handle.  Overall, this ball probably has the most consistent bounce performance out of all the outdoor only basketballs currently on the market.

We rated the Under Armour 295 Basketball a 3.5 out of 5 value.  This rating was based upon the slightly high price of the 295 compared to other outdoor basketballs.  Currently, you can pick up a 295 for around $20.  The reason that the Under Armour 295 did not get a lower rating is due to its impressive quality and durable cover.

If you find yourself looking for a relatively inexpensive priced basketball, and you will be using it for the local courts, then we highly recommend you consider the Under Armour 295.


  • For an outdoor only basketball the 295 has a consistent bounce
  • The composite leather is very durable and should last for a couple years with regular use
  • Deeper channel design enhances the overall grip of the basketball
  • Really cool look with a black cover and a neon Under Armour logo


  • Feel is a weakness of the 295 due to its less cushioned cover
  • For an outdoor basketball, the 295 is slightly expensive

Most players who buy the Under Armour 295 do not expect it to perform up to the standards of indoor basketballs like the Wilson Evolution, which is a good thing.  While it cannot offer the performance of a higher end ball it is very durable and is an enjoyable basketball to shot hoops with.  Not to mention this basketball is an attention grabber with its unique cover.

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