Under Armor Men’s Curry 5 Review

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  • Great traction pattern for quick cuts
  • Excellent material quality and a secure fit 
  • Sleek curves and unique laces make these shoes a pleasure to look at


  • Some players find the shoe to fit a bit too tightly
  • Not a lot of cushion for long-term wear

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Full Review - UA Curry 5

It seems like just yesterday Steph was releasing his first original shoe. Now we’re on the 5th installment. This one is sure to be a hit with ballers all over. With cutting edge traction for lightning quick moves, this shoe is a perfect match for guards with fast handles. The construction of these shoes gives them a close-up feel to your foot in every direction. Special EVA cushioning makes this shoe feel responsive and allows you to feel the court under you while providing excellent comfort. For anyone looking for a high-performance shoe that is trusted by one of the world’s fastest cutting players in the game, look no further than the new Curry 5’s from Under Armour.

Curry 5 Specs

Release Date:



Built For:



Low Top

         11 oz.

Speedy guards

Half-size small


These shoes were custom engineered for an NBA guard with insane handles, quick cuts, and unpredictable turns. Now, you can wear the same high-performance shoe on your own feet. The entire premise of the Curry 5 revolves around maximum unpredictability and precise movement. It is engineered with a unique, revolutionary All-Court grip system. This allows you to make instant stops and quick cuts on any surface. Whether you’re balling on the hardwood, the asphalt, or the cement, your opponents will be finding themselves on their backs after your relentless crossovers. This shoe also comes with “maximum squeak” so you’ll sound like a pro out there. When it comes to traction, there’s not much more you can ask for.


Since the Curry 5 is a low-top shoe, you can’t expect a whole lot of high-ankle support. However, this shoe does provide a great deal of support for the rest of your foot. It takes advantage of Anafoam containment zones in the forefoot, outside wall, and around the heel to help lock in your foot. This stability is instantly noticeable when making jump cuts, quick turns, and any other rapid movement on the court. They also use a full-knit construction, giving you a precise, up-close 360 degree fit and feel. Lockdown lacing in an interesting pattern keeps these shoes on your feet even if you fake the defense out of theirs.


One of the league’s best players gets only the best when it comes to materials for his custom shoe. That means you get the same top-notch materials. The full-knit construction helps keep this shoe lightweight while giving it a glove-like feel. A rubber sole cut with an excellent grip pattern ensures this shoe sticks to all surfaces and retains its traction. The actual look of these shoes also screams agility from the unpredictable laces to the smooth curves of the different materials.


These shoes are very lightweight and aren’t built to cushion your foot. Instead, they’re made to let you cut quickly and dominate on the court. You probably won’t want to wear these around town all day, but while you’re on the court, there is enough cushion to get the job done. The tight fit can feel a bit claustrophobic, but most players get used to it as the shoe adapts to your foot.

Sole Decision

The Curry 5 is a shoe built for speed, agility, and quick movements. It uses high-quality materials and proprietary Under Armour engineering to ensure you put your opponents in cement blocks while you dribble past.

This shoe is a great fit for quick, shifty guards who baffle the defense with quick handles and cuts.

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