Three Basketball Products You Don’t Need

If you visit Hoops Fiend on a regular basis then you know we enjoy to test and review all products basketball.  Our goal is to only recommend products that we feel are high quality and can help you get better at the game of basketball.  However, today we are going to do something a little bit different and show you three products that we think are a complete waste of money.  These products don’t offer any benefit to you except to make your wallet a bit lighter.

Expensive Kicks

They may look cool, but they aren’t worth the money. Source:

I know we all love a pair of great looking basketball shoes.  Even I have a pair of Jordan Breds, which you can see me using in the video I embedded below.  But the truth is that expensive basketball shoes are a waste of money.  The vast majority of the time I play basketball I use a pair of Nike basketball shoes that I bought a year or so ago on sale for like $40.  And guess what, those $40 kicks are way more comfortable and have better traction than the Breds!

Now, if you are a sneakerhead who just wants a sick ass looking pair of shoes for casual wear, then by all means go for it.  But for true ballers who are focused on getting better at basketball, then there are a lot better ways to spend that hard earned cash than on a pair of $150+ basketball shoes.

Arm Sleeves

If your name isn’t Carmelo Anthony leave the arm sleeves at home.

Seriously, what the hell are the purpose of these things anyway?  Unlike traditional sweat bands that are specifically used to keep the sweat out of your eyes and hands, these sleeves serve no purpose other than to just go ahead and show your hand and admit to being the biggest douche bag on the basketball court.

And that’s the other thing, I’ve never met a good amateur basketball player who wears these things.  Generally, the people who are wearing arm sleeves care more about how they look rather than how they play.

The lesson here is that when you step on the court keep the accessories to a minimum.  Let your game speak for you.

Cheap Basketballs

If you are serious about the game of basketball we strongly recommend investing a little more money ($30 or more) on a decent basketball.  Most quality indoor/outdoor basketballs meet this criteria.  For those who want a game quality ball then we recommend getting an indoor only basketball, such as the Wilson Evolution Game Basketball.

Cheap rubber basketballs don’t perform well and have a tendency to warp over time.  I mean does using a crappy rubber basketball make you excited to play?  I didn’t think so.  For those of us to sleep, eat, and breath the game, then get a basketball that represents your commitment to the game.

What to Spend Your Money On

Hoops Fiend recommends POWERHANDZ for those look to improve their handle.

Now you know what things to avoid spending money on.  Let’s take a brief moment to mention a couple things we think are well worth the money.  First, we highly recommend private lessons from accomplished basketball players.  In the off-season having someone to guide you to the next level of skill will make a huge difference in your confidence and your game.

Second, basketball training products are often a good investment.  Hoops Fiend recommends both the POWERHANDZ training gloves for dribbling and the 94 Fifty Training Basketball for shooting.

Lastly, get yourself a portable or in-ground basketball hoop for your home.  Having a hoop at your house allows you to practice with greater frequency.  Check out our lists of the best portable basketball hoops and best in ground basketball hoops for information on which hoops are the best.


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