Stance Socks NBA Legends Review

Here at Hoops Fiend we like to provide you information on the latest and greatest in the world of basketballs and basketball hoops.  Yet, on occasion there appears a basketball related product that is so outrageously cool that we feel compelled to buy the product and try it out for ourselves.  One such product that we recently found is the Stance Socks NBA Legends sock collection.

Typically socks are an afterthought when it comes to playing basketball.  Everyone seems to have their own preferences on length, whether you like footies, ankle height, shin height, or the old ABA favs, the knee highs.  Stance has taken the sock game to a whole new level.  Now you will be able to choose what NBA legend (or almost anything else for that matter) you want to sport on your socks at your next pickup game at the playground.  Stance has somehow manage to screen print socks and that has opened up a lot of possibilities for helping you create your unique style.  Before we get into the different players that are available take a look at my video review with pictures of the socks on my feet.

As you can see from the video these socks fit about shin high and have a snug feel.  They are quite comfortable overall and would have no problem wearing them for a game or just out and about.  The quality of the sock material also appears to be above average as well.  With a price tag currently around $16 per pair I think it is important for you to know that they do fit nicely before running out to make a purchase blindly.  Also remember that it appears that these are limited quantity (not sure about this) so if you want a specific player do not wait around.  Without further a due here are some of the more notable NBA Legends you can now wear on your feet.

“Pistol” Pete Maravich

Stance NBA Legends Socks Pete MaravichProbably my favorite basketball player ever.  Ahead of his time with tricks and moves that nobody had even thought possible.  Pete Maravich was one of the most unique players ever to step foot on the hardwood.

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Dr. J New Jersey Nets

Stance NBA Legends Socks Dr. JDr. J was MJ before there was MJ.  The fro and the style all came together to make one basketball god.

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Larry Bird

stance-larry-bird-legends-socksWhether you call him “Larry Legend” or my preferred “Basketball Jesus”, Larry Bird had a work ethic unmatched and a nose for the basket.


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Allen Iverson

Stance NBA Legends Socks Allen Iverson“The Answer” had a crossover that changed the game.  His quickness and superb scoring ability made him near impossible to guard in his prime.

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Shaq and Penny

Stance NBA Legends Socks Shaq and PennyIf you are like me and are a child of the 90’s then you know just how insanely popular this duo was.  Shaq was tearing down rims and Penny was as smooth as they come.


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Clyde Drexler

Stance NBA Legends Socks Clyde DrexlerA high flyer who could score at will.  Clyde “The Glide” was a force to be reckoned with during his years with a Trail Blazers and later with the Houston Rockets.

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Shawn Kemp

Stance NBA Legends Socks Shawn KempOften forgotten as one of the greatest dunkers and high flyers ever.  Shawn Kemp could send down some of the most monstrous jams.


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Stance NBA Legends Socks Run TMCI trifecta sock?  Seriously!  Yep, this one features the old Golden State Warriors trio of Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, and Chris Mullen.

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Hakeem Olajuwon

stance-hakeem-olajuwon-legends-socksGet ready to “Dream Shake” in the post while wearing these bad boys representing one of the most skilled centers to ever play the game.

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Stockton and Malone

Stance NBA Legends Stockon and MalonePerfecting the pick and role is no easy task but these two nailed it.  Perfect for any point guards and power forwards out there that know how to get to work.




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