NBA Street Basketball

Spalding NBA Street Basketball Review

NBA Street Basketball

Hoops Fiend Rating: Spalding NBA Street Basketball

Bounce: 4.5/5

Grip: 4.5/5

Feel: 5/5

Durability: 4.5/5

Value: 5/5

Overall: 4.7/5

Main Features

  • As of 6/2/15, the #1 Selling Basketball on Amazon
  • Performance Rubber Cover that is Durable and Designed for Outdoor Play
  • Has a Good Bounce Compared to Other Rubber Basketballs
  • Comes in Three Different Sizes: Youth (27.5″), Intermediate (28.5″), and Official (29.5″)

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Most of the basketballs that are reviewed by us on Hoops Fiend are top of the line indoor/outdoor basketballs and indoor specific basketballs.  However, we feel that there is a need to give in depth information on some of the better selling outdoor basketballs available.  The Spalding NBA Street Basketball is the first outdoor only basketball that we have individually reviewed.  As mentioned in the main features section this basketball is the best selling basketball currently on Amazon.  We feel that the main reason for this is that the price point on this basketball is extremely affordable with a price of $13 as of the writing of this review (see current price).  For parents with young children or recreational players this basketball will meet their needs easily.

The Spalding NBA Street Basketball’s cover is made up of a performance rubber that is very durable on asphalt and concrete courts.  However, as with the case with pretty much all rubber cover basketballs the grip and feel leave much to be desired.  For those who have played with higher priced basketballs the difference will be easily noticeable.  Unless you have massive hands with strength you can pretty much forget about gripping the Spalding NBA Street Basketball.

On the positive end we found that for an outdoor only basketball the NBA Street Basketball performed quite well.  While obviously not in the same neighborhood as indoor basketballs like the Wilson Evolution, the Spalding was consistent and allows you to dribble the basketball with confidence.

Due to the tough rubber cover we would expect this basketball to last several years even through regular use on tough surfaces.  So, if you want a cheap basketball that will not need to be replaced anytime soon then the Spalding NBA Street Basketball could be your best option.


  • One of the lowest-priced basketballs available, affordable on any budget
  • Super durable rubber cover will last for years to come even on hard surfaces
  • Bounce is above average for an outdoor only basketball
  • Weight of the Spalding NBA Street Basketball is true, which can be a problem for many rubber basketballs


  • Rubber cover does not offer proper adequate grip and feel that will be noticeable to most experienced basketball players
  • You can get a much better indoor/outdoor basketball for another $10

For recreational players looking for a basketball to toy around with in the driveway or a parent wanting to introduce the game to their child the Spalding NBA Street Basketball will be a fine choice.  However, for those who take the game seriously and have a more refined taste on what they look for in the feel and performance of the basketballs they use will likely be unsatisfied with the quality of this ball.

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