Spalding “888” Series Basketball Hoop Review

316gI1HXwfLThe Spalding “888” in-ground system is designed with a steel framed tempered glass backboard for top rebouing performance. This system has a 6″ support pole that is square. A J-Bolt anchoring system makes installation easier by making the leveling process simple.  The U-Turn Pro lift system with a detachable crank allows for unlimited height regulations from 7′ to 10′ and comes with a safety stop that prevents it from going below 6’6″.  The Spalding “888” Series In-Ground Basketball System includes a durable, Spalding and NBA branded pole pad. This system comes fully furnished with glass backboard, steel pole, rim, net and pole pad, ready for set up. The system is heavy duty and is able to take aggressive play. Pole height ranges from 7-10 feet flexible enough for any size and skill of player, and with the U-lift pro mechanism, this way as your family members grow this hoop can grow along side them allowing for years of use.

Features and specifications

  • 54-inch, 60-inch, or 72-inch Board Size
  • 3/8″ Tempered Glass Board
  • Steel Board Frame
  • Board Offset: 3 feet for 54 and 60 inch styles, 4 feet for 72 inch style
  • Flex Breakaway Rim Style
  • U-Turn ™ Pro Lift System
  • Removable Lift Handle
  • 1 Pc, 6″ Square Pole Size
  • Steel Pole Material
  • Heavy Duty Pole Pad


  1. Tempered glass backboard provides the best performance of all available backboard materials
  2. J-Bolt anchoring system enhances the stability of the system
  3. Comes with the Spalding Flex Breakaway rim and a weather resistant net
  4. Play underneath the Rim with a 3-4 foot offset from the pole depending on backboard size
  5. Number of backboard size options to choose from so that more folks can afford a quality hoop


  1. No backboard padding is included for this hoop

Hoops Fiend Rating

Spalding “888” Series Basketball Hoop:  4.5/5


(Ratings based on price, features, and purchaser reviews)