Spalding 48 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop Review

spalding 48
Spalding is a staple name when it comes to anything that has something to do with basketball which is one of the reasons many have opted to purchase the Spalding 48 inch Portable Basketball Hoop. While it certainly has a few shortcomings based on reviewer comments, it is still a good enough portable basketball hoop system that you can enjoy. We would like to take this moment to point out its strengths and flaws to give you a better idea of the product.

First off, the Spalding 48 inch Portable Basketball Hoop can lower the backboard and rim to 7.5’ which when compared to most products that only offer up to 8’. This is a plus if you are buying this for young ones. It can also hold up to 37 gallon of water or sand on its base, which makes tipping over virtually impossible. However, this is where some purchasers have found a flaw with the product. It seems to have problems maintaining water inside the base the water level keeps dropping down. Fortunately, you can remedy this by simply replacing the water with sand. Not being able to hold water is a disadvantage as sand can be quite a hassle to use as weights. Some have also mentioned that the polycarbonate material they used on the backboard very thin but otherwise it can hold its own against impacts.

While for most the assembly will be fairly straightforward, some have found the instruction manual to be lacking in detail. Some instructions we are told have been unclear, this has resulted in some user resorting to trial and error. We suggest that you ask for assistance when assembling the Spalding 48 inch Portable Basketball Hoop to speed up the process. It takes on average about 4 hours to complete the assembly with some help, but once assembled the hoop provides a lot of enjoyment. Children will have a blast playing basketball and this is where the quality of the hoop shines through.  All of Spalding’s hoops give the appearance of a professional basketball hoop, and the Spalding 48 inch portable basketball hoop is no exception.