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  • The only quality “Basketball IQ” program that we’ve found 
  • Breaks down both offensive and defensive basketball principles so that you develop real skill on both sides of the ball
  • All lessons can be implemented no matter athleticism or skill, this is a thinking man’s program
  • By thinking about the game more effectively you will no doubt score more points, get more assists, be a sound defender, and a better basketball player overall 


  • Many of the principles are advanced, meaning that this is not a good program for beginners

The One Way To Get Better At Basketball Without Being a Freak Athlete

Let’s be honest, none of us mere mortals are built like Giannis.  In fact, the vast majority of us are average athletes that will never be 7 feet tall and have freakish (pun!) athleticism allowing you to fly for a dunk with ease. 

No, me and you are lucky to grab the rim on a good day (if at all).  By the way, if you clicked on the link, that’s actually me jumping!  Pathetic, I know. But guess what? I’m a really effing good basketball player.  In fact, every time I step on the court for Saturday pickup I’m easily one of the best players there.  This is not to brag but to show that you don’t need to be the most athletic guy out there to succeed in this game.   

How am I able to play so well while not being a great athlete?  It all comes down to skill and this thing called “Basketball IQ”.  If you watch the NBA, this term seems to be applied most often to Lebron James.  And it really refers to being able to effectively think about the game, and make the right decisions on the fly.  Other high IQ basketball players include Tony Parker, Nicola Jokic, Chris Paul, Tim Duncan, and Rajon Rondo.

The great thing about Basketball IQ is that unlike athleticism and genetics, Basketball IQ can be taught.  If you focus on this side of the game you can easily outthink opponents who otherwise are physically superior to you. For those who want to improve their Basketball IQ and make better in-game decisions, the Smarter Basketball Player System is for you.

In Depth Review Of Smarter Basketball Player System

Who Teaches Smarter Basketball Player System?

Here I discuss the people behind the Smarter Basketball Player System, as well as the SBPS curriculum and topics.

1. Coach Daniel

Coach Daniel

Coach Daniel is the mastermind behind the Smarter Basketball Player System.  Coach Daniel has learned these advanced basketball tactics from his own playing experience, intense film study, and from watching high level coaches instruct their players.

This work has really paid off as Coach Daniel now has a popular Youtube channel where he breaks down the strategies and advanced concepts that are used in the NBA on a nightly basis.  

Let me tell you, this guy really knows his stuff.  I’ve gone through this program and despite playing basketball for 25+ years I learned a ton about the game from this program that I’m now implementing to dominate younger players.  From my own experience, this stuff works!

But don’t take it from me, take it from the value Coach Daniel provides from just one of his Youtube videos which I’ve included below.  

Program Overview

The Smarter Basketball Player System Layout

When you purchase the Smarter Basketball Player System, you’ll go to the dashboard which lays out the different lessons included in the program.  It is a bit dull in appearance, but is super simple to navigate and is logically ordered.



Each section of the Smarter Basketball Player System starts with a write up from Coach Daniel teaching the topic.  Below this content there is a video or two showing examples of the concept in action with commentary from Coach Daniel to help explain what is happening.

SBPS – Program Topics

SBPS Video Player

When I first got access to the Smarter Basketball Player System, I was interested to know what topics Coach Daniel would cover.  For those who are interested before making a purchasing decision, I am going to list the topics below and provide a brief breakdown of each lesson.

Defense – Part 1

1. Fighting Through Screens

2. Shelling Up The Middle In Transition

3. Defensive Positioning and Closing Out


1. Drive and Kick

2. Two-Foot Finish

Moving Without The Ball

1. Relocation

2. My Favorite Cut

3. Spacing For Middle Drives

4. 2 on 1 Cut

Defense – Part 2

1. Veer

2. Scram Switch

3. 2 on 1 Stunt

4. Shot Block Discipline 


1. Attacking a Post Front

2. Attacking a Post Front – Bonus Tip

3. Offensive Rebounding and Transition Defense

Defense – Part 1

You know Coach Daniel didn’t set out to make a sexy basketball program when his first chapter is about defense.  

Fighting through screens – This is pretty self explanatory and shows you how to get through a perimeter screen properly so that you can recover without relying too heavily on your help defenders.

Shelling Up The Middle – When on defense against an offense in transition it is important to provide good help defense and solid positioning.  This lesson will show you how to do this.

Defensive Positioning and Closing Out – Discusses how to defend off-ball, usually two passes away so that you are in good help position but can recover.


If you want to score and drop dimes, you must know how to attack the basket and use these efforts to create opportunities for yourself and your teammates. 

Drive and Kick – Knowing when to try to finish at the rim and when to pass it out for an open three is a difficult concept to master.  Here Coach Daniel breaks down the proper mindset you should have so you make the right decision.

Two-Foot Finish – This is the type of detailed instruction you get with this program.  The two-foot finish and why it is important to throw off defenses is often overlooked, by myself included.  This lesson made me think about how many feet I use to jump for layups in a whole new way.

Moving Without The Ball

One of the most underrated elements of basketball is moving without the ball. The best move without the ball player in the NBA right now is definitely Klay Thompson.  The guy can score 40+ points with less than five dribbles! That alone should tell you that effectively moving without the ball can lead to huge offensive numbers.

Relocation – This lesson teaches you how to move without the ball when your teammate drives baseline or middle from the other side of the court.

My Favorite Cut – Another gem, learning this cut will get you easy scoring opportunities, guaranteed. Since taking this lesson I’ve implemented it into my game and it works like a charm.  Coach Daniel’s favorite cut might just be my favorite lesson from SBPS.

Spacing For Middle Drives – In the modern game, spacing has become a critical component to an effective offense. Having proper spacing for these drives will give your teammate more space to operate. 

2 on 1 Cut – This lesson is not about a 2 on 1 fast break.  Instead, the lesson talks about how and when to make a cut when the post is doubled.

Defense – Part 2

These are more advanced level defense principles and tactics.  Before advancing into this section I highly recommend that you master the more basic elements of proper defense.

Veer – I didn’t know this was called a veer, but it is something I do as a guard who often is slower than his opponent. By being able to predict what the offense will do after I’m beat allows me to step in and often times get an easy steal.

Scram Switch – Great tactic to minimize mismatches when on defense. Use this in pickup basketball and you’ll easily increase your odds of winning, I promise.

2 on 1 Stunt – Teaches how to stunt off-ball so that the offensive player will hesitate, allowing for the defense to recover.

Shot Block Discipline – I see this so much with athletic players.  They always want to get the block.  I take advantage of this desire to block shots often.   


Some more great tactics for playing your optimal game.

Attacking A Post Front – In this lesson, Coach Daniel shows you how to react when you see the defense fronting the post.

Attacking A Post Front – Bonus Tip – Another strategy to use for the same situation.

Offensive Rebounding and Transition Defense – When to go for the offensive rebound and when to get back on defense is an important decision for guards.  

My Take On The Smarter Basketball Player System


The Smarter Basketball Player System comes in at a price of $27.  I find that given the wealth of information this is very reasonable.  I have no doubt that you will become a better basketball player from implementing the lessons in this program, especially if you feel your game has plateaued.

How Much Better Will I Get From Using The Smarter Basketball Player System?

Of course this is a very difficult question, if not an impossible one.  How much better you get really depends on several factors.  First, if you know most of the concepts taught in this program then you won’t see as much benefit for obvious reasons.  However, if you have not been taught advanced basketball strategy, but have a good skillset, then you’ll likely benefit greatly.

Second, how much time you commit to practicing and implementing these concepts matters.  These lessons are dense and require a lot of chewing over afterward.  Coach Daniel suggests only trying to take on one lesson a week so that you do not overwhelm yourself with information.  I agree with this recommendation and suggest that you go through a lesson, think about it by playing out relevant basketball situations in your mind, and then implementing it during your next game.  Once you feel that the skill is ingrained and a natural part of your game you can move on.

Third, if you are a beginning basketball player, these strategies will likely be over your head and will get in the way of learning the fundamentals.  If you are in this camp please check out our article on the best basketball training programs to get suggestions.

With all that being said, this program is the real deal and gets high praise from me.  Coach Daniel is a true student of the game and has spent many years learning these concepts.  The way he breaks things down is impressive and really gets to the point that basketball is a game not too different from a board game like chess. Improve your “Basketball IQ” and you can play way above your actual talent.



I’ve now had the chance to go through and finish the Smarter Basketball Player System.  The purchasing process is easy and not filled with a bunch of add-ons like other digital basketball products.  

As far as the content, I’ve gone over each section of the program to give you the details.  I really like the video examples provided by Coach Daniel as they make the basketball concept being taught very clear and easy to understand.  

Sometimes the X’s and O’s diagrams can get a bit cumbersome, but because these are advanced tactics I don’t see another way to show the information in chart form.  

I enjoy that the concepts taught are based on modern principles of the game and not outdated thinking that is too often provided by coaches who haven’t researched the most up to date basketball strategies.

At $27, this program is a great value and is really the only game in town if you are serious about increasing your “Basketball IQ”.  

The Final Verdict

Making good decisions on the basketball court is not the flashiest of goals. Most young players dream of making super complicated shots and dunks without focusing on the “boring” things that will actually make them better.

If you want to dunk, then buy Vert Shock.  If you want to learn crazy dribbling moves that you’ll never use in a game, go watch The Professor.  If you want to be a better basketball player, purchase the Better Basketball Player System.

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