Review of the Silverback SB54-IG Basketball Hoop

Total Score
Backboard - 9.0
Rim - 9.0
Support Pole - 8.5 
Value - 10 
Features - 8.5

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  • One of the most affordable Silverback hoops, the SB54-IG offers quality performance for the money
  • The breakaway rim is sure to impress with its responsiveness and durability
  • Padding that lines the bottom of the backboard and the support pole
  • Tempered glass backboard
  • Two-piece support pole that is stable and keeps the hoop from shaking excessively during shots


  • Small offset from backboard to support pole

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Main Features

  • 54 inch backboard that is made from tempered glass
  • Two piece support pole system that is Dupont powder coated to prevent rusting
  • Direct installation in-ground which maximizes stability, but can make installation more difficult
  • Heavy-duty breakaway rim that can handle light to moderate dunking
  • The Silverback SB54-IG comes with backboard and support pole padding included

Why the SB54-IG is a Good Hoop Choice

Silverback has for a long time had a solid reputation as a quality in-ground basketball hoop brand.  The sister brand to Goalrilla, Silverback’s hoop tend to be less expensive than Goalrilla hoop models.  The Silverback SB54-IG is one of the least expensive Silverback hoops that money can buy.  But don’t let this fool you as the SB54-IG is one of the best values for an in-ground basketball hoop.  At around $600, you get a lot for your money.

Support Pole Design

This basketball system features a two-piece support pole system.  Two-piece support pole systems are found on most moderately priced in-ground basketball systems and offer above-average stability.  The Silverback SB54-IG is a stable basketball hoop, with only elite quality high priced one piece support system basketball hoops offering significantly better stability performance.

Height Adjustment

With the all steel actuator, kids and adults alike can easily adjust the height of the SB54-IG from 7.5 feet to the regulation 10 feet in infinite increments.  We feel that having a hoop that has simple to use height adjustment is important for younger players to learn the proper shooting fundamentals.  Unfortunately, for these younger hoopers shooting on a 10 foot high hoop often results in poor shooting habits.


While the 54 inch backboard on the Silverback SB54-IG is a bit smaller than the 72 inch backboards that are seen in professional gym hoops, it is made from top of the line tempered glass.  The tempered glass on this basketball system is 3/16 of an inch thick, which is fairly thin, but for the price of the SB54-IG is a good value.  Overall, most players who use this basketball hoop will be impressed by the responsiveness and performance of the backboard for both bank shots and rebounding.

Rim Quality

One of the strongest features of this basketball hoop is the breakaway rim.  This Silverback’s rim has a spring loaded rim that is covered to protect from rust.  The performance of the rim cannot be understated as it is solid during long range jumpers, and at the same time has the breakaway capacity to handle moderate dunking.  We wouldn’t recommend hanging on this rim as a precaution, as doing so could compromise the rim and basketball system over time.

Another feature to look for in a basketball hoop is padding.  Many lower cost hoops do not come with padding, which may come in handy if a player accidentally runs into the support pole or hits their hand on the bottom of the backboard.  Thankfully, the Silverback SB54-IG has you covered.  It comes with padding on both the bottom of the backboard and support pole.  For any parents who may be reading this, hopefully have this extra padding brings you some comfort.

As an added bonus all Silverback and Goalrilla hoops come with a limited five year warranty.  We genuinely feel that the Silverback SB54-IG is a great hoop and the vast majority of buyers will never have to concern themselves with the warranty, but having one does bring some peace of mind.


Hoops similar to the Silverback SB54-IG Basketball System include the Silverback SB-60 and the Spalding 60 Inch Portable Basketball System.

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