Shaq and Jason William’s Kids Ball at Shaq’s Mansion

We are always looking the next thing, and the next thing might just be the last thing in this case.  As you can see in this video Shaq son and the son of the one and only “White Chocolate” play some hoops at Shaq’s court.

Based on the video, Jason William’s son has a game very similar to his dad’s with the in and out dribbles and fancy no-look passing.  On the other hand, Shaq’s son actually looks more agile and versatile than his old man with the ability to dribble on the perimeter while still using his genetic gifts to power inside.

Videos like this always get me excited about the future of basketball and for good reason.

By the way, is Shaq’s court not ridiculous? I mean, he has a full-court freaking court AT HIS HOUSE!  As an adult with a family all I can think are “What are the energy bills for that thing?”  I’m sure this isn’t an issue for Shaq as he has about a gazillion dollars.

Anyway, enjoy the video and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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