RAMgoal Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop Review

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  • The RAMgoal takes the mini basketball hoop experience to an impressive new level
  • The breakaway rim does offer enhanced durability
  • Acrylic glass backboards have better performance than cheap plywood and are shatter resistant


  • Hoop still bounces more on shots than we would like
  • Small base may allow the hoop to tip if it gets windy
  • At ~$150, the RAMgoal is very pricey for a mini hoop

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Main Features

  • 24 and 16-inch backboard made from shatter-resistant acrylic
  • Breakaway metal rim that that has a 9-inch diameter
  • Height adjustment mechanism can adjust height 13 inches up and down
  • Wall mount system that uses two studs that are 16 inches from each other
  • Comes with a 5-inch synthetic leather basketball
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Growing up I remember having several indoor mini basketball hoops in my home.  There were epic battles against my father and entertaining shooting sessions.  I loved having a little hoop to mess around when time permitted.

Most of these hoops were okay, but they did not have the modern features found on full-size hoops I’d shot on in the gym.  None of the mini hoops I played on had a glass backboard or a breakaway rim function that would protect the hoop during dunks, a favorite activity for someone who’s leaping abilities leave a lot to be desired.

RAMgoal is a newer company that has decided to change all of this by creating a mini hoop system that can stand up to full-size hoops in terms of performance and features.  To learn more about the cool features found on the RAMgoal continue reading as we break down each section of this mini basketball hoop.


When you see other mini basketball hoops you know that the backboard is not top quality.

In fact, many mini hoop manufacturers use plywood type materials to make their backboards which are flimsy do not perform well.

RAMgoal, on the other hand, utilizes a shatter-resistant acrylic backboard that measures 24″ x 16″.  Acrylic is the same material seen on most mid-level full-size portable and in-ground basketball systems.

Based on our knowledge there are no mini basketball hoop systems out there made of tempered glass, making the backboard found on the RAMgoal the best one available for sale.


Most rims on mini basketball hoops are not exactly top of the line.  Often they are made from low-quality metal or plastic that does not offer any stability.

The RAMgoal takes the rim of the mini basketball hoop to a new level.  Made of professional-grade metal and featuring true breakaway technology, the RAMgoal rim is something you can’t get with other mini basketball hoops.

On the downside, we did note that on shots the hoop did still bounce more than we would like.  But overall it is still better than what you will find on other similar hoops.

Height Adjustment

At first, I wasn’t sure if having a height adjustment mechanism on a mini basketball hoop was necessary.  But after seeing this thing in action I can say it certainly is important.

Ceilings can range in height depending on the house.  If you have a lower ceiling being able to adjust the height on the RAMgoal is a big plus and will allow you to shot the basketball at your RAMgoal without the ball hitting the ceiling.

For those with younger children, the height adjustment can also help them reach the goal if they want to dunk.


The RAMgoal attaches to the wall of your home using two studs that are 16 inches apart. For most homes, this should allow the hoop to be very stable.  However, because the hoop is attached to your wall we do not recommend hanging on the RAMgoal during dunks as you could potentially rip the studs out of the wall!

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