B.O.B Review: Pro Dunk Silver In Ground Basketball Hoop

Main Features: Pro Dunk Silver In Ground Basketball System

  • 5X5 Inch Square One Piece Support Pole System
  • Comes with an anchor kit and a 5 year limited warranty
  • Rust Armor Package includes stainless steel and galvanized components to keep the basketball system rust free
  • 3 Feet of overhang clearance offers space to operate under the basket
  • Designed to fit comfortably in a one to two car driveway
  • Height adjustment for this hoop ranges from five feet to the regulation ten feet
  • Tempered glass backboard and a pro quality breakaway rim

Pro Dunk hoops may not have the name recognition of a Spalding or Goalrilla, but let us tell you that they are creating a wonderful product.  Their basketball hoops include many great features and the quality is second to none.  Pro Dunk Baskeball Hoops come in different levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.  Today we want to break down the entry level Pro Dunk Silver In Ground Basketball Hoop as it is the most affordable and still retains many awesome qualities.

To start with the Pro Dunk Silver In Ground Basketball Hoop the rim is truly a breakaway rim willing and able to take full weight dunks.  The responsiveness to shots is also impressive as the rim seems to have a nice balance between rigidity and forgiveness.  Springs in the breakaway mechanism are protected by a nice steel cover which helps to minimize rust.  With regular use there is no reason to think the rim will not last for many years without showing major wear.pro dunk silver live action

With the height adjustment of five to ten feet on the Pro Dunk Silver In Ground Basketball System this hoop grows with your family.  Having this wide adjustability allows for young players to develop good shooting mechanics that will pay off as they get older.

This is a big selling point to us because as a hoop buyer you have a couple options.  The first is to buy multiple cheaper hoops that will not make it past a few years, or to spend more money for a quality hoop like this and not worry about a new hoop a couple years down the road.

If you’ve visited Hoops Fiend before you know we are a big fan of tempered glass backboards.  The fact is that the tempered glass material’s performance is unmatched when compared to acrylic and polycarbonate.  Thankfully for those that do purchase the Pro Dunk Silver they will be getting a high quality backboard.  While the 54 inch wide backboard may be on the small side for some interested buyers, the half inch thickness of the backboard is the thickest we’ve seen on a 54 inch backboard.  This helps to keep the hoop rigid when shots hit the backboard creating a consistent and realistic rebounding experience.

Another factor that comes into play in terms of hoop rigidity is the support pole system design.  The Pro Dunk Silver features a one piece support pole system which is the best design on in-ground hoops to date.  Two and three piece support pole systems generally shake more and do not perform as well.  On the Pro Dunk Silver Basketball Hoop the square support pole is 5×5 inches, which is fairly sizable as well.

In our reviews we generally do not mention warranties as they are often similar and we feel that the hoop should perform without needing a warranty.  However, Pro Dunk does have a better warranty than most other manufacturers that is worth mentioning.  Their warranties include covers all basketball play including hanging on the rim and dunks!

What We Like About This Hoop

  • For a hoop with a 54 inch backboard the half inch thickness is impressive
  • Warranty includes dunking and rim hanging so you can lower the hoop and jam away with confidence
  • Extensive padding on the support pole and backboard comes standard with the Pro Dunk Silver In Ground Basketball System
  • High quality breakaway rim with cover to prevent rusting

What Would Make This Hoop Better

  • 54 Inch backboard may be small for some players really looking for a hoop that matches the shape and quality of gym basketball hoops
  • Best for spaces that have at least a two car driveway

Hoops Fiend Rating

Pro Dunk Silver In-Ground Basketball System:  4.3/5




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