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Every serious athlete is looking for a leg up on the competition these days.  And getting that leg up seems to get harder and harder over time.  Recently, we’ve seen the rise of young athletes choosing to focus on only one sport rather than play several, with the hope that it will give them the upper hand to work on their specialty sport more than other players.  The folks at Hoops Fiend don’t think this theory really works in practice, and studies seem to back up our beliefs.


Practice and Efficiency

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-9-45-20-amTo get better at a sport there are two main components: practice and time.  The simple notion is that if you practice more, over time you will become more skilled at the game of basketball.  This is not rocket science.  But there is another factor here, and that factor is efficiency.  If you practice with greater efficiency, then the amount of time you have to practice to see significant results can drop dramatically.

This efficiency of practice is what makes the POWERHANDZ basketball training gloves so special.  Having tested this product I know for a fact that they will improve your ball handling after only a few minutes of use.  Based on my experience, I also feel that players will see more benefits as they use these gloves over a longer period of time.

I received a pair of POWERHANDZ for free, but recognize that I would not promote a product that I didn’t believe would truly help you become a better basketball player.




Let’s take a moment to break down what the POWERHANDZ training gloves are.  These training gloves have a sort of faux leather palm that makes gripping the basketball practically impossible.  This creates a disconnect between the ball and your hand making it hard to “feel” the basketball when dribbling.

On the outside of the glove there are weights that are distributed throughout the hand.  Each of these small weights cover a small portion of your hand.  Because the weights are broken down into smaller sections they contour to your hand and don’t make the gloves feel overly stiff.

The outside of the POWERHANDZ feature mini weights which help build hand and arm strength.

The outside of the POWERHANDZ feature mini weights which help build hand and arm strength.

This is my favorite feature of the POWERHANDZ as it actually works the specific muscles that you use for dribbling.  Honing in on these muscles will make them stronger and faster for dribbling. All without the need to do tricep curls or pull-ups (although those can still benefit you as a basketball player).

While each glove only weighs 11 ounces, you will be amazed at how much heavier POWERHANDZ makes your arms feel.  This 11 ounces will fatigue you quicker while dribbling and in return will make the muscles used to dribble stronger with regular use.


My Experience With POWERHANDZ

POWERHANDZ enhance two-ball dribbling drills.

POWERHANDZ enhance two-ball dribbling drills.

When I first put these gloves on I found it more difficult to dribble the basketball than I expected.  These training gloves really do make you concentrate more and work harder.  When you dribble with POWERHANDZ you may also notice your usual touch and feel for the basketball is completely gone.  Adjusting to this takes some getting used to and is what makes you a better dribbler for using this product.

Now that I’ve used this product a handful of times I have gotten more used to dribbling with the POWERHANDZ.  I can do more moves with the gloves on, including some two-ball drills.

When I take the gloves off it feels like the basketball shoots out of my hand like a rocket toward the ground. The basketball immediately feels lighter than it did before using the gloves, and I am able to dribble with more force.  Being able to dribble with more confidence, feel, and force helps to protect the basketball from defenders during in game situations.

Dribbling with the POWERHANDZ and Slick-Wrap

Dribbling with the POWERHANDZ and Slick-Wrap

To take your handling workout even a step further than the gloves, POWERHANDZ also makes a Slick-Wrap that goes around the basketball to offer even more disconnect between the ball and your hand.  Testing the Slick-Wrap I felt that it made the basketball feel more slick when not using the POWERHANDZ gloves.  With the POWERHANDZ gloves on it was hard to tell a difference between a basketball with a Slick-Wrap and one without.



Overall, POWERHANDZ is a great basketball training product, and one of the best we’ve seen to date.  The magic in this product is in the hand weights, which work to strengthen your arms, wrist, and hands so that dribbling feels easier and you can exert more pressure on the basketball with each dribble.  The Slick-Wrap did not make dribbling much more difficult, so our recommendation is that players pick-up the gloves and pass on the wrap.

In the end, there is no doubt that most aspiring basketball players should have these gloves as they will make you a better ball handler.

If you want to learn more about POWERHANDZ, you can visit their website by clicking here.  You can also click on the button below to see the POWERHANDZ price on Amazon.

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