Nike PG3 Shoe Review: Paul George Is Breaking Out, Are His Shoes?

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  • Awesome NASA colorway
  • Great crater-style traction pattern
  • Solid all-around support


  • Materials feel a little cheap for a signature shoe

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Full Review – Nike PG3

Paul George the player is killing it on the court this season. His performances night in and night out are nothing short of all-star caliber. He is averaging career-highs in multiple categories on a playoff ranked team and is riding quite a bit of momentum. After all, singing a max-contract in the offseason followed by the release of the 3rd in your signature shoe have to boost your confidence. So, does this momentum carry into the PG3 shoe? In fact, the answer is yes. Along with a very unique, spacey colorway, the PG3 performs well in all aspects and is an upgrade over the previous models. Here’s why:

Nike PG3 Specs

Release Date:



Built For:



Mid Top

       12.1 oz


True to Size


Traction-wise, the PG3 draws on craters for inspiration. Though it looks different, the pattern performs just as you would expect a good shoe to.

The fill of circles in various sizes does the job well and keeps you stuck to the court.

Regardless of the surface condition, this pattern keeps you steady as you cut and move towards the rim.

Since the circular pattern is able to provide traction in all directions, you aren’t limited like with a herringbone. Meanwhile, the open area leftover makes it almost impossible for dust to accumulate.

Like the previous models of the PG, this shoe is not meant to be an outdoor one.

The relatively soft material will start to show signs of fraying within a few hours of playing on a rough outdoor surface. Keep it inside if you want any longevity.


You may notice that this shoe is lower-cut than the previous PG models.

Of course, this isn’t a major factor so long as the shoe still provides support. In the case of the PG3, it does.

There isn’t really a standout aspect to the support system but there is nothing to be disappointed with either.

The forefoot wings outside help hold you on the footbed on the lateral side during sideways movement.

Otherwise, you are safe to expect no rollovers, heel slip, or any other support-related issues from this shoe.


It’s a little disheartening to see new shoes coming out in cheaper and cheaper materials.

The mesh used throughout the upper on the PG3 is not great. Meanwhile, the rest of the shoe is 100% synthetic.

Really, if it weren’t for the signature branding, this shoe would not seem like a high-end one (at least materially speaking).

However, despite the non-optimal look and feel, the materials function exactly how you think they should.

The lack of raw materials may have been an effort to shed some weight on Nike’s part. Or it could have been some corner-cutting.

Either way, it never hurts to add in something extra and that didn’t happen here.

Regardless, one thing we have to note is the awesome NASA colorway.

Any geekier basketball fans will love the orange, blue, and silver colorway branded with the NASA logo and the Apollo 13 mission patch.

This is a really unique look that we are a fan of.


In terms of comfort, there’s nothing new to note. Really, the PG3 is just a minor evolution from the previous PG setups.

There is Phylon throughout and a forefoot Zoom unit. This provides a good amount of response and protection.

Meanwhile, the Phylon in the heel isn’t bouncy but it isn’t like sinking into a pile of mush either.

It is comfortable enough that you’ll be able to play comfortably for extended periods without walking on clouds.

Note that it will likely take a few days to break these shoes in.

However, after the break in period they will perform consistently.

The cushion is reliable and won’t give out on you or find itself compressed after just a few wears.

Good thing if you’re planning to take these shoes on a space mission. You’ll need all the cushion you can get when landing from an out-of-this-world dunk.

Sole Decision

The PG3 is a small upgrade over the previous PG models.

If you’ve got a pair of PG2s that have some life in them, we may suggest wearing them out.

There isn’t anything to go crazy over here in terms of upgrades.

However, if you’re a big PG fan or simply adore the NASA colorway (we don’t blame you) then this is a solid shoe choice.

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