Nike Men’s PG 2 Review – Perfect For Guards

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  • Great traction and unique traction pad design
  • Zoom air units provide additional support on big jumps
  • Beautiful design with suede touches


  • Traction will not hold up for outdoor use over time

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Full Review – Nike PG 2 

The Nike PG 1 changed the game in so many ways, and because of that, it’s hard to imagine they could improve upon it while keeping a great price.

However, the PG 2 has swept in with numerous upgrades to its predecessor.

Traction has seen major improvements while keeping all the bold style and colors.

Similarly, materials are improved upon, including a more durable mesh material.

PG 2 Specs

Release Date:



Built For:  


Mid Top

       3.2 lbs



The Nike PG 2 offers great traction while upgrading significantly over the PG1.

First, the grooves are widely spaced apart, so clogging and captured dirt/dust will not be much of an issue.

As a quick side note, you might be taken aback at first by the bold colors and style of the traction pad. Orange infusions blot across while wavy grooves add to the unique style.

Still, the pair definitely has a preference for indoor over outdoor play environments, so if you tend to find yourself under a roof, you should be pleased.

Additionally, the rubber on the traction pad is very soft, both objectively and to the touch. In a clean, indoor environment, it’s just the right balance of bite and yield. Upon first glance, it might seem too submissive, but it actually works great.


While there’s nothing out of this world about the PG 2’s support features, they get the job done.

This is especially true when compared to the PG 1, which often felt unbalanced and wavering. This was most commonly an issue towards the heel area.

In the PG 2, though, you’re getting a much greater support system. The traction pad has significant rounding that recreates the general shape of your feet.

Additionally, you’ll find a tiny outrigger near the forefoot, providing a nice extra layer of support for even the most drastic lateral movements and shifts.

The internal heel counter is a bit lacking but when considered with the entire package, it’s actually quite effective. Basically, the rear section envelops your feet really well, making the heel counter a great compliment.


If you liked the materials in the PG 1, you’ll be very happy with the PG 2.

First, you’re getting that fantastic suede finish along the rear which was so popular in the predecessor.

Up front along the toe drag area is another small sampling of suede, adding a nice touch of style and protection for the underlying mesh.

As far as the mesh goes, it’s stronger this time around, creating a greater sense of support and structure. Furthermore, no obvious breathability or flexibility is compromised.

There are bands across the upper with an adaptive fitting function that works great for adding an extra layer of customization.


There is a lot to enjoy with the PG 2 thanks to the numerous layers of comfort.

The Zoom Air units are fantastic for providing excellent cushion, especially when descending from a soaring jump shot.

Thanks to the phylon midsole, which is very lightweight, you get a great combination of sustainability and support.

Sole Decision

The Nike PG 2 has just about everything you could want in a single package.

Traction is great, materials are very comfortable, and the zoom air units help provide that extra inch that makes all the difference.

In nearly every way, it is—without a doubt—an improvement over the PG 1.

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