Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Mid Shoe Review

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  • Wave traction pattern provides excellent lateral grip
  • Neoprene midfoot and upper are great for breathability
  • Secure fit and good court feel


  • Somewhat lacking in forward/backward traction and might make some quick downhill movements harder
  • Rim of shoe and tongue are stiff and can rub your ankle

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Full Review – Hyperdunk X Mid

Anyone who follows the basketball shoe world knows that the Hyperdunk is Nike’s so-called flagship shoe. For casual players and pros alike, the Hyperdunk line offers excellent all-around performance at a fair price. This iteration, named “X”, is the 10th reincarnation of the shoe. Not a ton of shoes on the market today have a lengthy track record like this one.

In fact, most ballers have had a pair or two of these at some point. The new model draws likeness from the 2016 Hyperdunk, featuring a heel and forefoot Zoom Air unit. It also uses a unique wave traction pattern for great lateral traction and highlights a neoprene upper for breathability. The Hyperdunk X doesn’t deviate from it’s line’s trademark of being a great all-around shoe.

Hyperdunk X Mid Specs

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Mid Top

       13.1 oz


True to Size


This shoe uses a unique wave traction pattern unlike some of the more common zig-zag or herringbone patterns found in many shoes.

The waves are aligned parallel to the length of the shoe. This means you’ll have great lateral traction when you’re defending and making quick stops off of sideways movements.

Since the shoe lacks the traditional zig-zag pattern (and has an unusual 3 indentations with no pattern) you might be left wanting more from your vertical traction.

If you’re a quick guard who needs to cut, jab, and stay on your toes, this probably isn’t your shoe. If you want good traction and aren’t too picky then you won’t be disappointed.


In terms of support, the Hyperdunk X uses Nike’s Zoom Air in the heel and forefoot.

These are two separate units unlike a few older models that have used a full-length Zoom Air pocket.

However, the heel unit is a massive 14 mm thick. Since this is almost the entire height of the sole, you’re getting great support in the rear of the shoe.

The front Zoom Air unit is only around 8 mm, so you lose some support but gain better “court feel”.

Finally, this shoe is a mid-rise, so you get some ankle support without losing much freedom of motion. The best of both worlds.


If you look closely, you’ll notice that this shoe has a unique look.

That’s thanks to the fact it features a neoprene upper and midfoot.

This is great for breathability and should help keep your feet dry and cool on the court.


One thing you’ll note as soon as you put these on is the strip of material around the top of the shoe and tongue.

This is a pretty stiff material and can rub or chafe your ankle if you don’t have high socks on.

While not a deal-breaker, it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Otherwise, these shoes are comfortable with a secure, but not too snug fit.

Sole Decision

The Hyperdunk X is an excellent, time-tested, shoe loved by ballers all over.

The tenth iteration offers great breathability, support, and is a lateral traction beast.

This shoe would be good for most players except those who rely on speedy forward cuts or who need a shoe that feels like walking on clouds.

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