Nike Lebron 15 Low Shoe Review

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  • Awesome Battleknit design on the upper that is also comfortable
  • Good all-around support for a low top shoe
  • Excellent, dust-resistant traction


  • The neon soled version of the shoe appears to have worse traction than the translucent one

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Full Review - Nike Lebron 15 Low

The Lebron 15 might be known for its sweet new look. Honestly, it is really unique and you won’t find anything quite like it.

When you see someone strolling down the street or walking onto the court in a pair of Lebron 15’s you instantly know what they’re wearing. 

Fortunately, these shoes aren’t just for show. They have some killer performance as well.

Lebron 15 Specs

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Built For:  



Low Top

       14 oz


True to Size


Traction on the Lebron 15’s is pretty unique.

Rather than your usual indented traction pattern, the Lebron has little nubs that protrude outwards from the sole. These little diamonds grip the court ferociously.

You won’t have to worry about dust either. Since the nubs stick out, they are pretty much as dust-resistant as a shoe can be.

One thing to take note of is the sole color itself.

Whether its superstition or something substantial, the shoes with neon soles seem to be a bit more slippery than the translucent ones.


Since the Lebron 15 we’re talking about is a low top shoe, support isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

However, even though you aren’t getting the high ankle support, you do get quite a bit of support around the rest of your foot.

A TPU heel counter and a torsional midfoot shank keep your foot in place with no problems.

A new design also gives you great lateral support, something that was a common complaint of the mid version of this shoe.


Nike’s very own Battleknit is at the core of the Lebron 15’s.

Whether you’re looking at the low top or high top shoe, you can see the similarity.

This unique material makes for a great upper fit that is really comfortable. Some parts are stretchy, others are thick, and they are all in the exact right spot.

The Battleknit material is also highly durable and won’t wear easily like some other shoes.

Did we mention it looks badass?


A potent combination of Zoom Air, Max Zoom, and an upward sloping toe section make this shoe very comfortable.

We already mentioned how comfortable the upper is and the rest of the shoe does not disappoint. You get a great ride with each step.

You’re up a bit higher from the ground due to some increased cushion so this isn’t your typical low top shoe. However, this setup gives you the feeling of more stability while also giving you the flexibility and quickness of a low top shoe.

Sole Decision

From the outside to the inside, the Lebron 15 low is a great shoe.

It offers a perfect blend of comfort, support, and high-quality materials to be a great all-around shoe.

For guards, forwards, big men, and anyone in between.

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