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  • Strong traction comparable to the Kyrie 4
  • High-quality materials and durability for the price tag
  • Roomy fit for wide-footed players


  • Cushion is lacking compared to other models

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Full Review - Nike Kyrie Flytrap 

The Kyrie line of shoes is quickly becoming one of the more popular ones amongst ballers. Those on a budget will appreciate the new Kyrie Flytrap. It’s a solid performer on the court, definitely a candidate for outdoor play, and is practically made for wide-footers. That’s right, you won’t have to size up in order to fit in this shoe. For just $80 this shoe is a great value that will get the job done.

Kyrie Flytrap Specs

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Mid Top

       11.1 oz


True to Size


The pattern on the Kyrie Flytrap is very similar to that found on the Kyrie 4. While the 4’s are a bit more aggressive with the pattern, this one definitely grips the court.

The pattern is flat on the Flytrap but you won’t notice many issues with dust. That being said, if you are playing on truly horrendous surfaces then you’ll be wiping these shoes more than you would with something like the Kyrie 4.

Don’t let that stop you from getting these shoes though unless you’re playing on hardwood that hasn’t been finished since the Warriors didn’t win the championship.


There isn’t anything special when it comes to support, but there isn’t anything missing either. Nike included a small internal torsional shank and an internal heel counter to add stability.

Meanwhile, the outrigger is built into the midsole that wraps around just enough to give this shoe the “wide base” label.

Overall, support in the Kyrie Flytrap is adequate.

A bonus for those with wider feet is that this shoe isn’t too snug. In fact, it is practically made for wide-footed players who will be thrilled that they don’t have to size up.


On first glance, you might think that the Flytrap is a thin mesh. However, on closer inspection you’ll notice that it is actually a very thin woven material.

This is not only sturdier than mesh, it feels better too. It gives you some stretch at first and then becomes very taut when more force is applied, giving the shoe great durability.

Considering the price tag, this is a classy move and we are impressed by the material quality in the shoe.


Cushion is minimal in the Kyrie Flytrap, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. C

onsidering that this is a budget shoe, we can’t expect fancy Zoom Air units all over. Instead, we see Phylon and a small Hex Zoom Air heel unit.

While you don’t get much impact protection, this basic setup does offer a smooth transition and a lightweight feel that sticks with you all game.

Sole Decision

You could do a lot worse with a budget basketball shoe.

The Nike Kyrie Flytrap provides decent comfort and support with great traction and high-quality materials for the price tag.

It’s roomy fit makes it a Godsend for wide-footed players.

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