Nike Kyrie 5 Performance Review

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  • Tremendous lockdown from Flytrap mechanism
  • Great traction on all surfaces
  • Cool design and hidden elements make this shoe unique


  • Lockdown might be too tight for some players

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Full Review - Nike Kyrie 5 

Kyrie Irving made waves in the basketball world recently and it wasn’t on the court. No, instead it was in the sneaker industry. It’s hard to believe that is has been a year since the widely loved Kyrie 4 released and even less time since the “Opening Night” special editions dropped. Still, the all-new Kyrie 5 is here. And oh boy, do we love it. Increased cushion, incredible lockdown, and terrific traction all make this shoe top of the line.

Kyrie 5 Specs

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Mid Top

       13.1 oz


True to Size


The underside of the new Kyrie 5 will look drastically different from its predecessor. However, it performs just as well. 

Even though it lacks the unique zig-zag of last year’s model, the traction still performs great.

As a nod to Kyrie’s eccentric personality, several all-seeing eyes are hidden in the shoe, including one in the traction pattern itself.

The outsole also wraps up partially around the sneaker like it did on the 4 and does a nice job of giving you a grip when changing directions.

If you’re looking for great traction, this shoe has an answer.


Support is a high point on the Kyrie 5.

The all new laces and containment system was based on the mouth of a Venus FlyTrap. Hence the name Flytrap.

It replaces a free-floating tongue on the shoe and intricately winds the laces through its arms and Flywire. When you pull the laces tight, the Flytrap really locks in your foot from all angles.

For some, the feeling might be a little claustrophobic but we really enjoyed how it secures your foot.

Other areas of the shoe deliver great support as well, just like the Kyrie 4.


The material selection is a little disappointing for some. Though the materials are quality, they are nearly identical to those used on the Kyrie 3. It feels like a bit of a back pedal.

However, the shoe is still comfortable and looks good. Though it doesn’t really affect the performance, we love the colored eyes on the sole of the shoe.

Hey, look good play good right?


These shoes also got a comfort boost compared to the Kyrie 4. The all-new 5’s feature an Air Zoom Turbo unit in the forefoot.

Previously there was no zoom at all in the forefoot so this is a nice bonus.

It is thin enough that it doesn’t cause any instability but generous enough that you won’t miss the extra bounce it provides on the court. Especially those who play on their forefoot will appreciate this.

Sole Decision

The Kyrie 5 is an incredible shoe that continues the tradition from the past few years of Kyrie’s being a top of the line sneaker.

Traction is excellent, the Flytrap mechanism keeps you locked in, and additional cushion adds some spring to your step.

Unique design elements also make this shoe an eye-catcher.

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