Nike Kyrie 3 Review

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  • Unique color schemes for any taste
  • Traction is top of the line and grips amazingly
  • Textile upper bands provide excellent support


  • Lacks cushioning and is not the most comfortable
  • Sole bros
  • Tre good
  • Wear testers
  • mr foamer

Full Review – Kyrie 3 

Kyrie Irving has carved a name for himself among kings and the Nike Kyrie 3 basketball shoes are no exception.

While you may face a few issues with the unusual traction pad/system, the overall package is undeniably enticing.

Add to that a unique design with a variety of color schemes to choose from and you’ve got a pair as uniquely gifted as Kyrie himself.

Simply put, the Nike Kyrie 3 is exactly what you’d expect from a pair named after one of the NBA’s most talented—and eccentric—athletes.

Kyrie 3 Specs

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Mid Top

3 lbs.


True to size/Narrow


The traction pad on the Kyrie 3 is a unique style that could throw you off—literally and figuratively.

To be clear: it’s a great foundation that provides solid bite through a very eccentric traction pattern. Overall, it has the kind of feel that the Kyrie series has garnered in the past with little compromise.

In general, you’ll find the rubber compound they used to offer reliable performance, though there are times where you might slip here or there—a fact with many of the best shoe models out there.

Across the forefoot is a separate pattern that looks great and provides an interesting new dynamic to traction mechanics, though it might be more show than substance.


There’s no question here: the support on this pair is fantastic, thanks largely to the textile bands across the upper.

Aside from their unique appearance that enhances the pair’s style, they provide support during both sprints and sharp, abrupt cuts.

Add to the mix the fly wire cables which manage to be lightweight and extremely durable, and you’re ready to fly across the court without fear.

As far as support goes, this is the pair’s greatest strength and something to consider if your primary concern is a solid foundation under your feet.

The cushioning underneath is fairly minimal, but also acts very responsively. It’s not the most impressive feature but it maintains your stability very well and suffices for a pair like these and at this price point.


Let’s start with the upper: stretchy bands will create increased flexibility for performance enhancements on the court.

This alone is a simple yet great feature to ensure that your movements are secured without being too restricted.

The stretchy band material creates the exact balance between structure and yield, but it lacks in the breathability department.

Limited breathability could leave you with soaking wet feet at the end of a hard play session—which doesn’t detract much from performance but could reduce comfort.

Speaking of which…


The Nike Kyrie 3 offers okay comfort thanks to a few features.

First, the textile upper is adjustable via the lacing system to create a more custom fit. Customization is always a plus when narrowing in on those micro-adjustments that allow you to truly cater to your personal fit.

Although the shoe’s foundation is quite thin and lacks the “loaded features” of other models, it still gets the job done. In fact, some might appreciate that lack of bulk and overall lightness.

On the negative side, the mid-sole is extra firm and will not provide much cushioning. If you have a history of knee injuries, we do not recommend the Kyrie 3. 

Sole Decision

The Nike Kyrie 3 gives you all the flare and style of Mr. Irving himself. A great pair for fast guards who rely on their crossovers and play off the dribble.

If you’re looking for great traction and a simple foundation, this could be the pair for you.

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