Lifetime 90227 Portable Basketball Hoop Review

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Lifetime 90227 Hoop Specs

Backboard Size:

48 Inches

Backboard Material:Polycarbonate
Rim Type:

Slam-It Rim

Base Size: 

34 Gallons

Support Pole:

3 Piece, 3″ Diameter

Height Adjustment:8-10 Feet



  • Quick set-up can get you playing in a couple hours
  • Inexpensive features provide pickup game performance for casual players
  • Awesome height adjustment feature is easy to use with no tools required


  • Polycarbonate backboard is low-end and can deaden the ball on shots
  • Small base may allow the hoop to tip if it gets windy or from dunking
  • Exposed rim with no spring reinforcement may warp over time with harsh play

Full Review

Lifetime is known for making quality basketball hoops for home use and have been doing it for decades. If you live in a family-friendly neighborhood there’s probably a near 100 percent chance you can spot a Lifetime hoop somewhere in a driveway. If you’re looking for a solid hoop for casual play to put in your own driveway (not permanently) then the Lifetime 90227 Portable Hoop is definitely one to consider.

All around, it features pretty standard specs and performs well enough for pickup games and non-competitive players. If you want something that simulates gym quality play, you should probably look elsewhere. If you just want a hoop that doesn’t break the bank, then keep reading.

The Lifetime 90227 is easy to put together so you can be playing in just a few hours. You’ll also need some sand for the fill base (more on that later). Otherwise, everything you need to get started is included with the hoop.

Let’s dive into the details of this hoop and check out some of its specific features:


This hoop features a polycarbonate backboard. You’re getting what you pay for at this price range as polycarbonate is a lower-end material than acrylic or tempered glass. You might notice the ball “deaden” a little when it hits. However, it will be just fine for most casual players or for children.

The backboard is 48 inches, which is perfect for backyard or driveway play. If you’ve got a lot of space to fill, it might seem a little small. The backboard does include a foam pad for the bottom of the frame which makes play safer.

Though the backboard is a weak area for this hoop overall, it does have one positive. It keeps the price way down, making it an affordable choice for families who want to play casually.


Most Lifetime hoops now feature their Slam It rim which boasts giving players the ability to dunk. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it because of the hoop’s small base and a risk for tipping, you won’t have to worry about the rim snapping off or your backboard shattering.

The rim does offer fairly good bounce though experienced players will note that it is slightly off compared to playing in the gym. Finally, the rim is not covered, which means it will be susceptible to the elements if you live in a wet or cold climate. Fortunately, since it is a portable hoop, you have the option of wheeling it into a garage or barn for the winter or rainy season if you want.

Support Pole System

When it comes to portable basketball systems, the support pole is a make or break feature. This one features a pretty standard 3-inch pole that comes in three pieces. Customers say that putting the hoop together is a breeze as long as you follow the included instruction manual to a T.

There isn’t much else to say about the pole system other than that it does a pretty solid job. It holds up to wear and tear and keeps the hoop relatively still during play. Just don’t expect gym-quality performance from a hoop with a 3-inch round pole.

Again, for families or anyone looking for a casual hoop to play on at home, this is a great choice that won’t break the bank.

Height Adjustment

While not all areas of this hoop stand out, the easy height adjustment is great. You can quickly change from 8’ to 10’ with no tools required. In fact, it’s as easy as using a lever.

The speed shift system smoothly raises and lowers the goal so you can play at any height you want. Whether the neighborhood kids want to come shoot or your kid’s high school friends want to start a serious pickup game, this hoop can handle it.

The height adjustment system is also much safer than ones that use tools since you don’t have to worry about breaking the hoop or having the backboard come crashing down. We really love the simplicity and ease that this Lifetime hoop offers when it comes to adjusting the height.

Fill Base

The fill base is another important feature of your hoop that determines how stable it will be. Interestingly, Lifetime went with a pretty small base on this hoop, only big enough to hold 34 gallons.

Even more interesting, they specifically state not to use water. While many portable hoops recommend using sand, this one actually says there is a risk for leakage and tipping if you use water. While using sand isn’t necessarily a bad thing (in fact, it will make the hoop much sturdier) it will add some extra cost. You should be able to fit about 350 pounds of sand in the base, which equals about 7 or 8 bags.

Since the base is fairly small, you won’t want to be hanging on the rim. While you won’t need to worry about wind knocking your hoop over, a large player swinging from the rim certainly could if the momentum is right. If you want to dunk all the time, look elsewhere. Otherwise, the fill base is good enough for most buyers.  

Buzzer Beater – Lifetime 90227

This hoop is a solid value option for families and those looking for a casual hoop. We would have loved to see a larger fill base or maybe an acrylic backboard, but it performs decently for pickup play. One feature that does stand out is the quick height adjustment system that makes it easy and safe to quickly change the size of the hoop.

Overall, we can definitely recommend this Lifetime hoop as a solid choice, just know that you’re getting what you pay for and set your expectations appropriately.

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