Lifetime 78888 In-Ground Basketball System Review

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  • Padding aligns the bottom of the backboard to minimize the chance of injury
  • Slam-it rim has a steel cover to keep the two compression springs from rusting due to the elements
  • Five year warranty is provided by Lifetime for this hoop so that you can buy with confidence
  • 4×4 inch square support pole is a step up from basketball hoops featuring a round support pole


  • While acrylic backboards are durable they do not have the performance of tempered glass

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Main Features

  • Power Lift One-Handed Height Adjustment System Makes Changing the Hoop’s a Breeze
  • Height Adjustments Range from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in Infinite Increments
  • 4×4 Square Powder Coated Support Pole for Maximum Durability
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Double-Compression Slam-It rim with 5/8 Solid Steel Ring
  • Portable Basketball System Makes Transportation a Snap
  • Features a 54 Inch backboard that is made up of shatter-proof polycarbonate

One of the newer in-ground basketball systems to come available is the Lifetime 78888 In-Ground Basketball System.  Lifetime has a history of manufacturing affordable US made hoops and this hoops meets this standard.  Before we dig into the details of the 78888 we would find this hoop comparable in quality and price to the Spalding 88545G In-Ground Basketball System and the Lifetime 71525 In-Ground Basketball System.


Let’s get down to business and break down some of the specific characteristics of the Lifetime 78888 Basketball Hoop.  With the majority of Lifetime hoops, the 78888 hoop has a backboard made out of acrylic material.  We’ve mentioned in many of our reviews how this material is very durable making it a great choice for families with children or those who live in harsh climates.

However, do not expect acrylic backboards to perform like a tempered glass backboard.  If you go into the purchase understanding the differences in these materials you’ll have a better idea of what to expect when purchasing this hoop.

Height Adjustment

One strength of many mid range Lifetime hoops is their hoop adjustment mechanisms.  The Lifetime 78888 In-Ground Basketball System comes equipped 61LnYQV2DnL._SL1500_with a Power Lift Height Adjustment System that makes it so easy to adjust this hoop’s height you only need one hand.


The rim on this hoop is on the higher end in terms of Lifetime’s overall basketball hoop catalog.

It features a double compression spring mechanism that allows for the rim to “breakaway” when dunked.  There is a steel cover than protects the two springs from rusting out over time.  This hoop should be able to handle most light to moderate dunking activities, but for those who hang on the rim for extended periods should expect the hoop to break down over time.

Support Pole

The last feature we want to discuss is the support pole system.  Unlike many Lifetime In-Ground systems the 78888 In-Ground Basketball Hoop has a 4×4 inch square powder coated support pole.  This is more durable than round support pole alternatives.  The braces from the support pole attach to the backboard at a greater width than many lower priced hoops which helps keep this system stable through the impact of the basketball.

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