Lifetime 1558 Basketball Hoop Review

Lifetime 1558 Hoop Specs

Backboard Size:

52 Inches

Backboard Material:


Rim Type:

Uncovered Breakaway

Base Size: 

35 Gallons

Support Pole:

3 Piece, 3.5" Diameter

Height Adjustment:

7.5-10 Feet



Total Score
Backboard - 6.5
Rim - 7.5
Support Pole - 7.0 
Value - 9.0 
Features - 8.5

Where To Buy:

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  • At the price point (~$300) the Lifetime 1558 Basketball System has a relatively large number of features
  • The 35 gallon base is pretty large for this hoop and should keep the hoop stable during any typical playing session


  • There have been buyers who claim that the base of this system came with a leak
  • The Makrolon material that the backboard is made of will not provide the responsiveness of hoops that feature acrylic or tempered glass backboards

Full Review

The Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball System is designed to offer a quality basketball experience at an affordable price point. The majority of Lifetime Hoops fall into this category.  What we like about the hoops from Lifetime is that they are manufactured in the USA and they make hoops that are great for youngsters to learn the game on.  For those who are more serious about the game and have advanced skills, we would recommend a hoop with greater features such as the Silverback SB-60 In-Ground Basketball System.

Let’s break down some of the features of the Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball System.  As with almost all Lifetime Portable Basketball Systems the Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball Hoop’s height can be adjusted from 7 and a half feet to the regulation height of 10 feet.  The 52 inch backboard is made of Makrolon making it very difficult to break or become damaged.  On the flip side of this material, it will not have great responsiveness that you get when buying systems with a tempered glass backboard.  So, if you purchase this hoop expect to get moderate shaking from the backboard and a lack of bounce for rebounds.

The Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball System does have a double compression spring 1558 closeupSlam-It rim.  These less expensive compression rims are a blessing and a curse.  The blessing is that they will generally last longer than a standard rim, but they will shake more when shots hit the rim and may promote dunking on a hoop that is really not meant for it.

On the Lifetime 1558 hoop we do not recommend hanging on the system as the 35 gallon base is not large enough to completely prevent tipping.  The base can be filled with water or sand.  If you use water, we would recommend that you also put some anti-freeze in the mix if you live in a climate that does have a below freezing Winter.

We have heard from a few reviewers that the base has had a hole in it upon arriving to their home.  We believe this is a minority of systems that are dysfunctional but it is something to be aware of.  If you do unfortunately have this happen with the 1558 basketball system there is a five year warranty which should eliminate any fear you have about purchasing this system.

The support pole system is made of three pieces and has a rust resistant finish to help your hoop last for many years.  Realize that due to the three piece support system this hoop will likely shake more than hoops that have a two or one piece support pole design.

Final Thought

The Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball System finds itself in a price range that is affordable for most families.  If you are looking for a hoop that will offer your children an opportunity to learn the game then this a solid option.  For those who take their hoop performance more seriously then you will likely be disappointed by the Lifetime 1558 Basketball System’s backboard performance and overall lack of responsiveness.

More serious players, or those with larger budgets should look at a premium quality in-ground system or a pricier portable system.