best portable basketball hoop

Lifetime 1529 Basketball Hoop Review

best portable basketball hoop

Lifetime 1529 Hoop Specs

Backboard Size:

50 Inches

Backboard Material:


Rim Type:

Uncovered Breakaway

Base Size: 

31 Gallons

Support Pole:

3 Piece, 3.5" Diameter

Height Adjustment:

8-10 Feet



Total Score
Backboard - 6.0
Rim - 7.5
Support Pole - 7.0 
Value - 7.5 
Features - 7.5

Where To Buy:

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  • Made in USA
  • Wheels on the 27 gallon base allow for easy transportation for those who move often
  • Five year warranty is provided by Lifetime for this hoop so that you can buy with confidence
  • The price of the Lifetime 1529 Portable Basketball system is very affordable for a full sized portable basketball system
  • Support pole system is coated with a rust resistant material that helps to keep the hoop lasting longer


  • 27 gallon base is smaller than we would like to see to ensure stability and minimize tipping risk
  • While polycarbonate backboards are durable they do not have the performance of tempered glass
  • Compression rim has exposed spring that may be at risk of rusting over time
  • More vibrations on shots than we like partially attributable to the three piece support pole system

Full Review

Main Features

  • Three piece support pole design with rust resistant coating
  • Compression spring breakaway rim
  • Height adjustment from 8 to 10 feet in 6 inch increments
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 27 gallon water or sand filled base to keep the Lifetime 1529 Portable Basketball Hoop in place
  • Portable Basketball System Makes Transportation easy

For families who are looking for a budget hoop for their kids to learn the game of basketball on it can be challenging to find a balance between a low priced hoop that also has the features and quality that you desire.  Lifetime in general works to make basketball hoops that have this balance.  515VU-5GNJL._SL1000_


While the Lifetime 1529 Portable Basketball Hoop certainly has some nice features at its affordable price, overall it will not meet the demands of those who are looking for anything more than a basic hoop to play on recreationally from time to time.  It does have a 50 inch extremely durable polycarbonate backboard which is a really good value.  But it is important to remember that polycarbonate does not perform up to the standard of acrylic or tempered glass.  We would consider the backboard of the 1529 Portable Basketball System to be its greatest strength.

With many lower priced hoops the Lifetime 1529 Portable Basketball Hoop uses a telescoping mechanism to allow for height adjustment.  This height adjustment ranges from 8 feet to 10 feet, which is a half foot less than most other portable basketball systems.  Due to the telescoping height adjustment design you will likely need two people to adjust the height of the Lifetime 1529 Portable Basketball System.

The base on the Lifetime 1529 Portable Basketball Hoop is quite a bit smaller than what we prefer.  At a 27 gallon capacity, this portable basketball system’s base can be filled with either water or sand.  As a point of comparison, mid priced hoops like the Spalding 60 Inch Portable Basketball System have bases that hold 40 gallons or more.  Due to the smaller base size and a more upright design, the Lifetime 1529 Portable Basketball System may be more likely to tip in bad weather or during rim hanging dunks, which we do not recommend due to the possibility of tipping and the long term risk of damaging the hoop.  Transporting this hoop is made easier due to two wheels that are on the base making the hoop rollable to its new destination.

With the Lifetime 1529 you get a three piece support pole system that features a rust resistant coating to keep the system lasting longer.  Three piece support pole system are not as sturdy as their two and one piece counterparts, which does mean you will get more shaking and vibrations on the Lifetime 1529 Portable Basketball Hoop than higher priced systems.  Again, if this does not bother you and you just want to use this hoop for a recreational system with the kids then this hoop will be a great choice.  It really depends on the buyer’s expectations and budget.


Be sure to check out our ultimate hoop buying guide for more info on what to look for in a basketball hoop.