Lifetime 1270 Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop Review

lifetime 1270 portable basketball system - backboardlifetime 1270 portable basketball hoop - rimlifetime 1270 portable basketball hoop

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  • Highly portable and easy to adjust the height with no tools
  • High quality acrylic backboard beats most in the price range
  • Excellent value for a hoop


  • Thin support beams and small base will allow the hoop to wobble slightly
  • Small base may allow the hoop to tip if it gets windy
  • Exposed rim with no spring reinforcement may warp over time with harsh play

lifetime 1270 portable basketball hoop

Lifetime 1270 Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop Review

For those looking for a highly affordable basketball hoop, the Lifetime 1270 Pro Court Portable Basketball system is a good entry-level option. A 42 acrylic backboard gives the hoop a professional look and weather resistant materials and coatings help it stand up to the elements. Lifetime is well-known as a maker of home basketball hoops and offers both great products and great support. This hoop is backed by a 5 year limited warranty should you encounter any problems. Let’s take a look at some of the key features that this hoop provides for you and your family.


lifetime 1270 portable basketball system - backboard


Like many middle-range basketball hoops, this one uses an acrylic fusion material for the backboard. Acrylic is a cheaper material than glass, but provides better quality and bounce than a plastic or polyethylene backboard. This means you’ll get a decent bounce off of this hoop. It will likely shake a bit due to other components that we will discuss later. Another benefit of this backboard being acrylic is that it can be clear, giving it a high-quality look like glass. Since it is only 42″, it measures in on the smaller end for backboards, but still does the job for casual play. As a bonus, the graphics printed on the backboard are UV protected, so they will resist fading even when left in the sun for years.

The acrylic fusion material that makes up the playing surface of the backboard is reinforced by a polyethylene frame that helps contribute to its strength and durability. Like almost all of Lifetime’s products, this backboard is shatterproof and therefore safe for play. Overall, on a “value” hoop like this one, the backboard is better than the standard for the price range.


lifetime 1270 portable basketball hoop - rim


One of the drawbacks to this hoop is its lack of a spring reinforced rim. Although this helps to contribute to its incredibly low price, it does have a negative impact on the rim’s overall durability and longevity. It is an 18″ black rim made of 5/8″ solid steel. It attaches to the backboard via two 1/2″ steel braces that keep it securely locked into place. Although it is coated, since the bolts attaching the rim to the backboard are exposed to the elements, they will rust overtime and need replaced.

Now, despite the fact that the rim is not spring reinforced, Lifetime does claim that it is “built to take a slam”. Although it may not break when being dunked on, we don’t recommend doing so repeatedly. Without springs to help alleviate some of the pressure, the rim will bend or deform overtime if treated roughly.


Support Pole / Base

lifetime 1270 outside


Another cheaper aspect of this hoop system is its relatively small base. Holding only 27 gallons, you may have problems with the hoop rocking or even falling over if it gets windy or dunked on. The water-filled base attaches to the support pole via 2 1/2″ steel braces just like the rim (an indication that it isn’t too sturdy). The pole itself is a decent 2.75″ round pole that works in a 3 piece system like many Lifetime hoops. It is powder coated so it should be resistant to rusting, but you may still see some overtime.

The benefits to the support system of this hoop are its portability and simplicity. Since the base is small, you can easily tilt the hoop and roll it to a new location. It also has no-tools-required adjustments, so you can get playing right away. No digging in the yard and no concrete needed. The pole also allows you to adjust the height of the hoop from 7.5′ to 10′ in 6 inch increments using a telescoping height adjustment system.


The value that this hoop provides is what really makes it a viable option. For those with younger kids or that just need a hoop to shoot a ball through for casual play, this hoop is a great option. Although you may experience some wobbling or rusting over time, the price tag on this hoop at just over $150 makes it an affordable option for almost anyone. A high-quality backboard and generous manufacturer warranty along with the Lifetime brand gives you confidence that you are getting a good product. Pair this with easy set up and extreme portability and you have a great hoop for casual players and ballers on a budget.


Other Key Features with this Hoop Include:

  • Acrylic backboard that is higher quality than most in this price range
  • Weather resistant elements from pole, to backboard, to net that help the hoop stand up to the elements
  • Extreme portability makes this hoop easy to move around or reposition
  • 5-year limited warranty from Lifetime
  • 27 gallon water base complete with wheels provides a blend of stability and portability

Bottom Line:

While the Lifetime 1270 certainly isn’t the highest quality hoop you can buy, it provides an excellent value that makes the game accessible to all players. A high quality backboard atop other lower quality components helps mask some of the poorer features. This is a great entry-level hoop and perfect for those looking to go easy on the wallet.



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