Lifetime 1221 Basketball Hoop Review

Lifetime 1221 Hoop Specs

Backboard Size:

44 Inches

Backboard Material:


Rim Type:


Base Size: 

27 Gallons

Support Pole:

3 Piece, 3.5" Diameter

Height Adjustment:

7.5-10 Feet



Total Score
Backboard - 4.0
Rim - 6.5
Support Pole - 5.0 
Value - 8.0 
Features - 6.5

Where To Buy:

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  • At under $100, this is a great price for a hoop
  • Features a decent standard rim
  • Assembly is super easy and instructions are clear


  • Backboard on this hoop is not sturdy
  • Vertical support pole could cause collisions with the support pole when attempting layups
  • Fill base is pretty small which may cause Lifetime 1221 to tip in high wind environments

Full Review

Main Features

  • 44 Inch polycarbonate backboard
  • Costs around $100
  • Height Adjusts from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in six inch increments
  • 27 gallon fill base
  • Five year limited warranty

When it comes to selecting a basketball hoop for your home the amount of options can quickly become overwhelming.  Some of the decisions to make include whether or not to buy an in-ground or portable hoop, how much to spend, and figuring out which features are most important to you.

This is especially true if you simply want a low-cost but useable basketball hoop for your home.

If you are in this group of people wanting a cheap basketball hoop for some recreational shoot arounds with the family, then the Lifetime 1221 is one of the best choices out there.


The Lifetime 1221 Portable Basketball System is one of the cheapest portable basketball hoops on the market. I mean seriously, how many other basketball systems can be bought for under one hundred dollars?

At the time of this writing the Lifetime 1221 sells from $99 on

Without a doubt, the low price point of this hoop is a big reason why it is the number 1 selling basketball hoop on Amazon.


Aside from the value pricing of the Lifetime 1221 Basketball Hoop, the easy assembly is probably the best feature of the hoop.

Most able bodied individuals should be able to have this thing up and ready to use in under an hour!

Compare that to more expensive and complex hoops, and it is clear that the Lifetime 1221 is maintenance in the assembly department.

Lifetime 1221 Quality


It is safe to say that a basketball hoop that costs just under a hundred bucks is not going to blow you away with its performance.

That is certainly true of the Lifetime 1221 Basketball System. The backboard, while durable, is made from a cheap polycarbonate that performs in a flimsy manner when the basketball hits the board.


The rim on the Lifetime 1221 is a standard rim without any springs or breakaway mechanism.

That said, this rim performs better than expected when considering the price of the hoop.

In fact, I prefer standard rims like the one found on the Lifetime 1221 Hoop compared to other basketball systems that have cheap spring breakaway rims that vibrate a lot when shots hit the rim.

Support Pole

Featured on the Lifetime 1221 Basketball Hoop is a three piece vertical support pole.  I’d consider this support pole a weakness for the 1221 as the vertical three piece design is not as sturdy as those found on other hoops.  The support pole is round and made of steel.

If you do buy this basketball system realize that it will shake a good bit during shots due to this support pole design, but this may not be a big deal to you.

Fill Base

The fill base on this hoop can hold up to 27 gallons of water.  This is one of the smallest fill bases found on any portable basketball hoop for sale today.  Because of this we do not recommend dunking on this basketball hoop as the small fill base combined with the vertical design of the support pole may leave the Lifetime 1221 Basketball Hoop susceptible to tipping.

Height Adjustment

With the Lifetime 1221 Basketball Hoop you can adjust the hoop’s height using the telescoping mechanism from 7.5 feet to 10 feet.  This can be done in six inch increments.  Most lower cost hoops have a similar height adjustment setup.


Hoops similar to the Lifetime 1221 include the Lifetime 1269, Spalding Pro-Slam, and Lifetime 1479.

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