Jordan Why Not Zero.2 Shoe Review

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  • Great traction in all indoor environments
  • Fantastic cushioning in every aspect
  • Cool design with plenty of awesome colorways to come


  • Not many new features in the shoe’s second generation

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Full Review – Jordan Why Not Zero.2

We love them so much. That’s what we have to say about the all-new Jordan Why Not Zero.2. Building off of a fantastic debut shoe, Russell Westbrook and Jordan have created something really special. The new shoe is fantastic in every way. In fact, they are awesome. From exceptional traction to great comfort, the Why Not Zero.2 is a badass shoe. The price point is perfect, the tech specs are all there, and the colorways look great so far even though we’ve only seen a few. Speaking of, we can’t wait to see the wild, fun colorways that will undoubtedly come out to pair with his eclectic personality. These are truly Westbrook’s shoe and are deserving to bear his name (kind of). The name of the line is still a little strange.

Jordan Why Not Zero.2 Specs

Release Date:



Built For:



High Top

      16 oz


True to Size


Boom. That’s what the traction is like.

You hit the floor on a cut with your toe and a sonic explosion rocks the world as you stop on a dime. No, scratch that, you stop on a hair.

The circular pattern underneath provides great traction at all angles and at all surfaces.

On dusty or dirty surfaces, you’ll hardly notice that the janitorial staff hasn’t paid the court a visit for a week.

In fact, while everyone else is slipping and sliding around, you’ll be doubling your scoring average by blowing past them.

The rubber is unfortunately on the softer side so this isn’t likely your outdoor shoe, but that’s okay. You can play in this shoe inside and be more than happy.


If there is one weak point in this shoe, and it really isn’t even a weakness, it would be support.

Don’t get us wrong, support in the Why Not Zero.2 is more than enough to keep you safe and stable. However, it isn’t quite as good as the first model.

This is because the original sat on a very, very wide base. This one does not. It is also a little more tipsy on the front (for those who play up on their toes… see we told you this was built for Russ). Fans of the Jordan 33 will like this feature.

Meanwhile, midfoot and rear heel support come compliments of TPU plates that complete the FlightSpeed system.

These keep the area strong but not heavy and still allow for some flex that adds in a bit of comfort. A big improvement from previous renditions.

If you play up on your toes, you’re going to love this shoe. If not, you might miss the wider base. Regardless, you’re going to be safe playing in the Why Not Zero.2.


Mesh and knit are found in the upper of the Why Not Zero.2. There isn’t a whole lot we need to say on this.

Mesh and knit are pretty self-explanatory.

One nice thing is that the shoe requires literally zero break in time. From the first moment you take them out of the box, they are comfortable, fit nicely, and won’t hurt your feet.

The material selection keeps the shoe durable, light, and comfortable.

Everything you need to go out there and get the job done on the court while the shoe performs underfoot.


The comfort and cushion of this shoe is remarkably similar to the Jordan 33.

In the forefoot, an Unlocked Zoom Air unit is in place. This provides impact protection from the get-go and performs quite nicely.

Meanwhile, Injected Phylon gives the midsole a fluffy, bouncy feel compared to the denser compression-molded Phylon used in some shoes.

Despite just having Phylon in the heel, the Why Not Zero.2 is very comfortable.

This shoe is a little bouncier than its predecessor so if you value feedback from your cushion then these are the shoes for you. 

You’ll also be very comfortable playing in them for an extended period of time. No blisters and no sore feet to worry about after.

The Why Not Zero.2 is a comfortable shoe for players of all levels (yes, even old guys).

Sole Decision

We love the Why Not Zero.2. Jordan knocked it out of the park (are we allowed to make a baseball reference?) with the first model and continues their track record (and a running reference??) of success with this one.

If you’re in the market for a great all-around shoe and don’t mind spending up for the signature branding then this is the one for you.

Russ would be proud.

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