Jordan Why Not Zero.1 Low-Top Shoe Review

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  • Great support for a low-top shoe
  • Biting traction on any surface
  • Full-length Zoom Air unit provides terrific bounce and comfort


  • Odd, bulky look may turn some players away

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Full Review - Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 

You might be wondering what this shoe even is. Is it a Jordan? Is it something else? Well, kind of.

It’s actually the beginning of Russell Westbrook’s signature shoe line.

For the first shoe in a line, this one definitely gets a lot right. Is it perfect? No. Is it still a great shoe? Yes it is.

Russ should be proud of his debut shoe and ready to build on it for years to come.

Why Not Zer0.1 Specs

Release Date:



Built For:  



Mid Top

       16 oz


True to Size


When it comes to traction, this shoe calls game. The unique pattern grips the court nicely and provides terrific lateral traction.

Even on dusty courts you won’t find yourself wiping or slipping.

They really bite the floor and give you the ability to get around defenders with quick handles.

Just like big Russ out there, breaking ankles and such.


Support on these shoes is great for a mid-top shoe.

For example, when landing on someone’s foot after a jump shot, your ankle won’t roll out completely.

Instead, a bulky midsole helps you re-stabilize quickly and keep going without injury.

A giant Phylon heel counter also keeps your foot stable and keeps your foot inside the footbed.

Although the stability and support on these shoes is incredible, it comes at a price. The look is certainly polarizing. One way or another you’ll instantly have an opinion on this shoe.

We guarantee you’ll have to pick these up off the shelf at least once even if it’s just to figure out what is going on.


Materials on this shoe are very plasticy but it works well.

They actually feel more like vinyl. This allows the shoe to more and flex with your foot while retaining strength and shape.

Underneath the vinyl-like material is a mesh that isn’t really remarkable.

You won’t get any ventilation in these shoes, but the design eliminates any hotspots or pinches.

It definitely doesn’t feel like a premium shoe but the materials work.


The Why Not Zer0.1 features a full-length Zoom Air unit inside of a Phylon midsole. This actually works really well.

You can certainly feel the bounce of the Zoom with each step and also get the cushion of the Phylon.

This shoe reminds us a lot of the Air Jordan 31 and 32. Considering that it is made by Jordan, this isn’t really a surprise.

Sole Decision

Russ’ signature shoe is certainly a superstar in its debut.

We like the support, cushion, and traction that these shoes offer in all areas and all over the court.

While the look is certainly unique, you can love it or hate it.

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