Jordan Retro 13 Shoe Review

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  • Awesome retro look that is very similar to the original Jordan 13
  • Great traction after you break it in
  • Good all-around support and responsive cushioning


  • Some people see peeling or splitting of the PU coated leather
  • No breathability will leave your feet sweating during the game

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Full Review – Jordan Retro 13 

If you want to see what wearing Jordan’s over a decade ago was like, then look no further than these Jordan Retro 13’s. The re-release from Nike pays a great homage to a classic Jordan look and does it with performance.

If you were a fan of the Jordan 13’s back in the day, you’ll find yourself loving these. From great traction to high quality materials, there is little to be desired in the Jordan Retro 13’s.

Jordan Retro 13 Specs

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Built For:



Mid Top

       16.1 oz


True To Size


When you first play in these shoes, the traction might worry you. Don’t let that stop you though.

For the first few wears, the traction is going to be less than ideal.

After that though, it will break in and provide great stopping power on the court. You’ll have easy movements in all four directions no matter how fast your cuts to the hoop are.

Just have a little patience.


Just because these shoes look retro doesn’t mean they don’t have high-tech support technology inside. Hint: They do.

Carbon fiber adds torsional support to the shoe as a whole and gives you some minor arch support.

However, if you’re someone in need of extra arch support, you’ll likely need some insoles.

Otherwise, support from these shoes is great and won’t leave you wanting.


The materials for the Jordan Retro 13 aren’t bad but they could be better.

For example, the PU coated leather that makes up most of the shoe’s exterior is inconsistent. One shoe might break in nicely with no problems while the other splits at the sole or the coating peels away from the leather.

If the coating holds up, the shoe is great. If not, you’ll see some splitting and peeling.

As a whole, the shoe is very durable. You’ll only deal with these issues in some small areas.

Aside from this, the shoe has zero ventilation.

If you’re playing for an extended time, expect to see your feet sweating through the suede layer. This isn’t really a problem but could be annoying to some players.


The Jordan Retro 13 features a heel and forefoot Zoom Air cushion, giving you good all-around cushion.

Since the units are separate and not too thick, you also get great court feel and responsiveness.

Other than those who need more arch support, you won’t find a thing to complain about when it comes to cushioning in this shoe.

Sole Decision

The Jordan Retro 13 is a great re-release of a classic Jordan shoe.

It delivers great court feel, support, and traction.

You might see some small issues with the materials and may deal with sweaty feet.

But otherwise this shoe is definitely one to add to your closet.

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