Jordan CP3.XI Basketball Shoe Review

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  • Great herringbone traction that fights slippage
  • Fast ride on responsive cushioning
  • The mesh material making up most of the shoe is great


  • Takes a long time to break in and may cause foot fatigue
  • Support is just okay for a signature shoe

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Full Review - Jordan CP3.XI

Chris Paul has been up to more than State Farm commercials lately. It may not seem like it, since the commercials are playing all the time. But the superstar guard has been making waves on the court, now in LA after a stint in Houston. Meanwhile, the eleventh iteration of his signature shoe from Air Jordan dropped. Fortunately, this shoe is a step in the right direction compared to his last few. The CP3.X and CP3.IX were somewhat disappointing. However, the CP3.XI is here with plenty of upgrades.

Jordan CP3.XI Specs

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Low Top

       13.1 oz

Big 2-Guards

True to Size


When you see herringbone on the bottom of a shoe, you should expect it to perform well. That is exactly the case with the CP3.XI. It’s simple, abundant herringbone pattern bites the court well and works great.

It holds tight to a clean floor but you might experience some slippage on a dusty. However, even on a really dirty floor, there is enough herringbone to stop a slip before it is dangerous or causes you to lose your feet.

The pattern could have benefited from more spacing between the ridges as dust tends to accumulate somewhat quickly. You are able to wipe it away with a simple swipe, but it can be annoying after a while.

The rubber of the outsole is soft, but grips outdoor courts well. There is more than enough surface space for playing on a rough surface, so you should get your money’s worth even if playing outdoors.


Support in this shoe is good, not great. It is certainly nothing to tell stories about.

An internal torsional shank is in place and works the way you should expect.

The shoe does not offer an external shank. We think that this would have been good for performance and aesthetic as the side of the shoe is somewhat plain.

In the rear, an internal heel counter is in place and holds up well. Meanwhile, the base is pretty flat which allows for a good level of stability.

The lace strap’s design doesn’t give much compression in that area of the shoe. Though you don’t necessarily need it there, some players like that additional lockdown.


If there’s one thing we can expect from a Jordan, it is the high-end materials, right? Eh. The CP3.XI is both good and bad.

On the good side, the textile mesh that makes up the main body is awesome.

However, there is synthetic leather on the heel and toe. Unfortunately, this takes forever and a half to break in. This leads to some discomfort and foot fatigue during the early going. If you are patient, it won’t be a problem. But if you need these shoes to perform immediately, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Fortunately, not all colorways of the CP3.XI feature the synthetic leather toe. If you want this shoe but don’t want the foot fatigue you can simply choose a colorway without the leather.


Cushion on the CP3.XI is a heel and forefoot Zoom Air unit nestled inside of a semi-firm Phylon midsole. The midsole itself is denser than some, but still has a bit of bounce leftover.

Coupled with the standard-sized Zoom Air unit and you have a nice ride going.

The low cushion is enough to be considered a quicker ride, but it is still thick enough to provide some great cushion. It isn’t as fast as models like the Why Not Zer0.1 or the Kobe 1 Protro, but it is faster than most models.

Unfortunately, the thick cushion comes at the cost of foot fatigue. Again, this starts to go away the more you wear the shoe and break it in, but it could cause problems up front.

Despite this, the CP3.XI is a good choice for lighter forwards and larger wing players who enjoy a nimble ride.

Sole Decision

The CP3.XI is certainly a step in the right direction. It is by no means a terrific shoe in all aspects, but you could also do worse.

It is a solid choice for players that like a quick ride but don’t want to sacrifice support.

Thought the synthetic leather and thick midsole can cause some foot fatigue, this becomes a better shoe the more you play in it.

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