Jordan 32 Mid Shoe Review

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  • Flyknit makes the shoe light and lets it adapt to the movements of your foot
  • Great support and stability in all areas of the shoe
  • Very comfortable and pretty springy when jumping


  • Poor breathability due to lots of Flyknit layers

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The Air Jordan lineup is truly unrivaled when it comes to evolution to meet the needs of ballers. Let’s not forget about the awesome styles and iconic designs we’ve been graced with over the past few decades. Even though the 33rd iteration of MJ’s signature shoe just hit the shelves, some might want a more classic shoe than the new one with the FastFit system. No worries, the 32 has laces. With great all-around design and classic Jordan quality, the Air Jordan 32 is a terrific shoe.

Jordan 32 Specs

Release Date:



Built For:  



Mid Top

      16 oz




The last few Jordan models have had some problems with traction. Fortunately, they’ve got it right with the 32’s.

This shoe features an altered herringbone pattern that grips the court really well.

When you’re playing on a pretty dusty surface you might find yourself wiping frequently, but on a clean court you’ll have no issues. 

The rubber sole also does a great job when it comes to durability and gives the traction an extra boost.


No issues when it comes to support with the Jordan 32.

It’s a mid-top shoe, meaning you get some ankle support without sacrificing too much quickness.

Each area of the shoe does a good job at containing your foot and keeping it where it should be inside the shoe. There’s an especially great heel counter that keeps your rear foot secure no matter what else is happening.


The materials used for the Jordan 32 are definitely a highlight.

Nike decided to go lightweight by using a lot of their signature Flyknit material in this shoe. They don’t use a lot of glue, TPU, or clunky materials.

The Flyknit moves great with your foot as you change positions and is very comfortable.

There are a lot of layers, so the breathability isn’t excellent, but your foot doesn’t feel stuffy either.

Depending on the colorway you could see some leather or suede on the heel area, which is a nice addition to make the shoe feel more premium.


For the first time since the Jordan 28, the Zoom Air unit is segmented into two sections. Yes, we’ve returned to the forefoot and heel units being separate.

This time around, both units are completely inside the shoe and don’t protrude out so there isn’t extreme bounce, just a lot of cushion.

You can still feel the springiness of the Zoom units when pushing off and landing and that energy return is always nice in a game.

This, along with the heavy use of Flyknit material makes the Jordan 32 a very comfortable shoe to wear.

Sole Decision

For those who don’t love the futuristic Jordan 33 or are just looking for a great all-around shoe, look no further.

The Jordan 32’s combination of Flyknit, increased traction, and great support all make this a great choice for any player.

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