Goalsetter X672 In-Ground Basketball System

Main Features

  • 72 inch tempered glass backboard that is 1/3 inch thick
  • One-piece support pole system with a 6″ x 6″ square pole
  • No padding on either the backboard of support pole
  • Heavy-duty breakaway rim that is able to handle dunks
  • Large in-ground basketball hoop that will take multiple people to assembly or a professional installer


We’ve reviewed other Goalsetter products before in the past, including the highly rated Goalsetter All-American model.  While the All-American may be the most popular basketball hoop model made by Goalsetter, it is not the only one available for purchase.

Taking a look at the X672 In-Ground Basketball Hoop from Goalsetter will give you an appreciation of the quality construction found on these hoops.  At the same time seeing the similarities and differences of X672 and the All-American will give you some insight if you are considering which one of these hoops is right for your home.

Before we get into the X672 realize that the high-end in-ground basketball hoop category is full of great options from many brands.  Once you’ve read through this review be sure to see our article on the best in-ground basketball hoops to see other in-ground basketball systems that we’ve rated highly.


As with most of the top of the line in-ground basketball hoops, the Goalsetter X672 features a 42″x72″ tempered glass backboard.  The backboard on the X672 is 3/8ths” thick, which is slightly less than the 1/2″ thickness on backboards you can find on other in-ground basketball hoops.

You can expect this backboard to perform in a way that is comparable to indoor gym hoops.  The backboard is responsive and there is minimal vibrations when a bank shot hits the board.

The backboard on the Goalsetter X672 is lined with an aluminum trim which helps to stabilize and add durability to the basketball system.


As with most high-end in-ground basketball systems you will need to have multiple people help with the assembly of the X672 hoop.

This is due to the weight of the components that make up the X672 and the importance of making sure you get the bolts that attach to the support pole to be level.  No one likes a crooked hoop, especially when you spend over $1500 for it!

The other option is to have a professional installer set up your hoop for you.  This will cost you, but may be worth avoiding the headaches if you are not a handy person.

Rim Quality

When you purchase a high-end hoop you expect to get a rim that can perform.  That means having a great feel when the ball hits the rim.  Specifically, you don’t want the rim to be too stiff like you’ve seen on the double rims at the park, and you don’t want the rim to be a flimsy piece of junk seen on cheap portable hoops.

Thankfully, the Goalsetter X672 has you covered as the rim on this thing has the right feel and is durable enough to handle rim hanging dunks.

Lesson: you get what you pay for when it comes to basketball hoops.

Height Adjustment

The Goalsetter X672’s height can be adjusted from 6’8″ to 10′ using a crank system.  This means that within this height range this hoops height can be adjusted in any increment.

Support Pole

As with most top end in-ground basketball hoops, the Goalsetter X672 has a one-piece support pole.  One piece support poles are the best money can buy.  Cheaper systems come with two or three piece support poles which tend to vibrate more and breakdown over time due to having more parts and bolts.

The Goalsetter X672 has a 6″x 6″ square pole, which is the second biggest square support pole we’ve seen.  The largest being 7″ x 7″.

What We Like About This Hoop

  • One-piece support poles are the best and most durable found on recreational basketball hoops
  • Rim is top quality and will impress true ballers
  • Tempered glass backboard offers true response and playability
  • Bolt-on anchor system means you can take this hoop with you if you move

What Would Make This Hoop Better

  • No padding on either the support pole or backboard is a big disappointment
  • Assembly will take multiple people or a professional installer

Hoops Fiend Rating

Goalsetter X672 In-Ground Basketball System: 4.3/5

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Hoops similar to the Goalsetter X672 include the Lifetime Mammoth, Goalsetter All-American, and Goalrilla GS I.

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