Goalrilla GLR GS II In-Ground Basketball Hoop Review

Goalrilla GLR GS II Hoop Specs

Backboard Size:

54, 60, 72 Inches

Backboard Material:

Tempered Glass

Rim Type:

Covered Breakaway

Support Pole:

6" Squared

Height Adjustment:

7.5-10 Feet



Total Score
Backboard - 10
Rim - 9.5
Support Pole - 9.5 
Value - 8.5 
Features - 9.0

Where To Buy:

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  • Comes in three backboard sizes (54 inch, 60 inch, 72 inch)
  • One piece 6" x 6" steel support pole is heavy duty
  • High level hoop that meets performance expectations and can deliver in competition settings
  • Professional level rim that can withstand dunks without causing damage to hoop


  • Expensive hoop that would be best in settings where players are highly skilled
  • Lacks backboard padding that are included with similar hoops

The contest for best in ground Basketball hoops may very well go to Goalrilla.  What we love about the Goalrilla GLR GS II In-Ground Basketball System and all of Goalrilla’s hoops is that they make products with real ballers in mind.  The welded construction on this system ensures durability during those intense games, and won’t break down like the weaker counterparts held together with nuts and bolts.

Powder coated parts, forged in steel and corrosion resistant zinc hardware mean unmatched quality, and help to place the Goalrilla GLR GS II In-Ground Basketball System in the top-tier of basketball hoops. It features similar tempered glass backboards used by the pros and is guaranteed to hold up to the hardest slam dunks, making this one of the most durable in ground basketball hoops you will find on the market.

There are also adjustable height settings, and thanks to the adjustment actuator, it is guaranteed to be one hundred percent accurate. This is a true in ground hoop, designed for the toughest players, and ready to face the elements in all weather conditions.


  • Classic style basketball system that has been designed to maximize stability and durability
  • Easy to manage anchor bolt mounting system makes for easy leveling of the hoop so that installation is made more simple
  • One hundred percent transportable, so when you move to a new home, you can count on taking your system with you
  • High impact resistant steel rebar bars included to help strengthen concrete
  • Professional quality high tempered glass backboard measures a tough 3/8 inches thick, and holds the dimensions of 60 by 38 inches
  • Single steel pole design is tough and measures 6 by 6 inches.
  • Three foot overhang, all of this makes the Goalrilla in ground basketball hoop one of the most professional style hoops you can purchase and use

All of this guarantees that the hoop will withstand the heaviest matches, and stay strong for years to come. And because of its professional style and design, it makes for one of the best hoops around to practice on for those serious about their game and looking to play basketball at a high school level and beyond. At the same time the hoops ease of use, make it a great system for those just looking to have a little competitive fun at home.

Whatever your needs are the Goalrilla GLR GS II in ground basketball system will meet your expectations.

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