Goalrilla FT In-Ground Basketball Hoop Review

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Goalrilla FT Hoop Specs

Backboard Size:54 – 72 Inches
Backboard Material:Tempered glass
Rim Type:

Covered Breakaway

Offset: 30 Inches
Support Pole:

1-Piece Steel Pole

Height Adjustment:7.5-10 Feet
Price: $1400-$1900


  • Extreme stability replicates a gym-style hoop at home
  • Tempered glass backboard provides realistic rebounding practice
  • Concrete anchor system keeps the hoop in place but can be moved if your family does


  • Very high price tag for a home hoop
  • Install is complex and may require professional help

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If you’re in the market for an in-ground hoop, you probably know it’s going to cost more than a portable hoop. So, if you’re going to spend the money anyway, we suggest splurging a bit to get yourself one of the best hoops on the market: the Goalrilla FT. This monster of an in-ground hoop is jam packed with features that allow it to rival any gym hoop. If you want professional-level play in your driveway then look no further.


From a concrete anchor system that moves with you (it sounds weird but trust us) to a tempered glass backboard in your desired size, this hoop has everything. It even features a crank to adjust the height that’s so easy to use even the kids can do it.

If you’re willing to spend the money and aren’t afraid of an in-depth installation (or know a guy who you can hire to do it) then this system is the stuff of dreams for home hoopers. Let’s check out some of its features:


When it comes to having a hoop at home, the majority of what dictates price is what type of material the backboard is made of. If you want better performance, tempered glass is the way to go. It leaves the competition far behind in the dust. However, you definitely pay for what you get. Tempered glass is easily the most expensive backboard material for any home basketball hoop. That’s in part why the Goalrilla FT comes with such a hefty price tag.

Nevertheless, this hoop is designed to deliver gym-quality performance at home. It offers consistent rebounding, allowing you to shape that part of your game at home. The tempered glass is ten times stronger than regular glass, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

The backboard is also designed for consistent competitive use. Even if it does break, the tempered design works like a car windshield. Rather than the entire glass shattering, it will be contained to a small area.

The Goalrilla FT comes in your choice of 54”, 60”, or 72” backboards to fit the level of realism you want to achieve. If you don’t mind playing on a smaller backboard you can save some money. But, if you truly want a gym-style experience, the regulation size 72” board allows you to have it in the comfort of your home.

Finally, the backboard is framed with black anodized aluminum to give it a professional look and feel. It also helps keep the hoop looking good for years, even in subpar weather.


This hoop is really the total package. When you’re looking for pro-quality play at home, the Goalrilla FT delivers. The rim itself helps bring this dream to life even more.

The pro-style breakaway rim is ready to hold up under any dunk. Giannis could throw down on this hoop and it wouldn’t break. Rather than remaining rigid like cheap rims, this one flexes under pressure. Literally. Not only does this preserve the rim itself, it keeps your backboard safe from shattering as well.

Breakaway technology also makes dunking safer by reducing the amount of force put on a player’s body. Even though you don’t want to dunk on most home-hoops, you won’t have to worry about keeping your hammer in check on this one. You can throw the hammer down all day.

The rim’s springs are contained within a box, which means it will last longer. Covering the springs helps keep them safe from rust and weathering so your hoop will remain in pristine shape for longer.

Support Pole System

The support pole system for the Goalrilla FT is where the hoop really shines. It brings the whole thing together and transforms a good hoop into a fantastic one. From the ground up, every feature is built for stability and strength. There is hardly any shaking or movement on this hoop when the ball hits it or even when it gets windy.

The Goalrilla FT is anchored into the ground with a unique concrete system reinforced with steel rebar rods. You’ll need to dig an (approximately) 48” deep hole next to your playing surface to accommodate the anchor. Four feet of anchoring should give you some sort of indication of how strong it is.

You get everything you need in the box except for the concrete. Once the anchoring system is dried into place, you will bolt the hoop pole to it. However, this hoop offers a unique feature that most other in-ground hoops don’t: you can move it. While the Goalrilla FT is by no means a portable basketball hoop, it can be unbolted from the anchor and moved somewhere else (with a new anchor in place). This is awesome should your family decide to move because you won’t have to leave your investment behind.

Next up comes the innovative steel pole that Goalrilla claims “is stronger than ever.” This feat of strength comes from a new three-point technology which gives the pole more contact surface area and therefore reduces potential movement and shaking. It is rooted by a one-piece steel main pole. This makes the hoop far sturdier than a three-piece pole found in many budget or low-end hoops. Since it is one piece, there is no movement between the sections which drastically reduces wobbling.

About halfway up, the pole features dual extension arms which allow it to brace the backboard internally rather than externally. This makes the whole system far more stable than if it were simply mounted on the outside.

Finally, the Goalrilla FT uses a proprietary triple-joint connector between the pole and extension arms for full surface area contact. As mentioned, this greatly increases the stability of the hoop. Customers who play on the hoop claim movement is practically undetectable.

Overall, the support system on this hoop is a beast. Though it will take some serious effort to get it installed (you may want to have a professional help) the final result will be well worth it. The Goalrilla FT offers maximum stability that is unmatched by home basketball hoops. Not to mention you’ll never need to buy another hoop again since you can take this one with you if you move.

Height Adjustment

As you may expect by now, this hoop has all the features. That includes easy height adjustment from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. This makes it ideal for players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy.

The height adjustment system features a new quicker actuator which means you can change the height with fewer cranks. It requires no tools to raise or lower the hoop, which makes it safe and worry free.

The crank itself rests about halfway up the hoop so it’s low enough that the kids can even adjust the hoop on their own. No annoying levers, keys, or tools, just an easy to use crank. Adjusting a basketball hoop doesn’t get much easier than this.

Buzzer Beater – Goalrilla FT

The Goalrilla FT is an absolute slam dunk. If you can afford it. The tempered glass backboard offers exceptional rebound performance and comes in a variety of sizes to fit your level of seriousness. We couldn’t ask for a better support pole system. Having the hoop anchored in four feet of concrete and retaining the ability to move it if your family moves is a great feature for those unsure of where life will go next. The triple joint design also adds tremendous stability that rivals any gym hoop. Finally, the easy height adjustment feature means anyone can enjoy this hoop for years to come. The Goalrilla FT is truly a high-quality hoop and is worth every dollar and then some.

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