The Four Best Vertical Jump Training Programs of 2020

Do You Dream of Throwing Down Monster Dunks?

Are you the type of basketball player who has all the skills but struggles with finishing at the rim?  Sometimes who wins and loses is determined by athleticism no matter how much you practice shooting and dribbling.  The best players on the planet are also some of the most relentless when it comes to training.

If you do struggle to finish at the rim or desire to throw down your first dunk then this is the article for you.  We’ve reviewed many vertical jumping programs and have narrowed it down to the top four programs that are available for sale.

Any one of these programs will add several inches to your vertical.  While we do not make promises about dunking, after completing any one of these programs your ability to jump higher and finish at the rim will undoubtedly be improved.

If you are reasonably athletic your chances of being able to dunk after completing one of these programs will be greatly improved, and practically everyone can expect to gain 6+ to their vertical.

4 Best Vertical Jump Programs

Complete Vertical

Coach Rock’s comprehensive jumping program

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Vert Shock

The most popular  vertical jumping program 

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Jump Manual

The original vertical jumping program 

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A mix of plyometric and strength-training

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5 Things To Consider When Choosing a Vertical Jump Training Program

1. Does The Trainer Have A Background In Personal Training?

Just because someone can jump out of the gym doesn’t mean they can teach.  In fact, many of those vertical freaks don’t have to work too hard on their jumping abilities.  They’ve hit the genetic lottery.

But if you want to increase your vertical it’s best to find someone who can actually teach to train properly to maximum vertical gains.

2. Can You Contact Those Who Purchased The Program?

Before buying any vertical training program you should contact the trainer to get a list of a few users who have gone through the program.  This way you can ask an unbiased user what they liked and didn’t like about the program.

3. Is The Program a Good Value?

No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a vertical jump training program. Most can be purchased under $100.  

4. How Much Time Can You Commit To Your Vertical?

Everyone’s time commitment is different depending on free time and lifestyle.  Some vertical jump training programs require a gym and others you can do at home.  The reality is that the more time you put in the bigger the results.  But be aware of your limitations and be willing to take 4-6 inches in vertical gains rather than aim too high and never complete the program.

Vertical Jump Training Programs – Full Reviews

1. Vert Shock


  • Layout of the program is easy to follow and understand
  • The exercises in the Vert Shock program can be done in the comfort of your own home with minimal gym equipment required 
  • Videos are up to date and done in high quality HD so that you can see exactly how to do each exercise 
  • Plyometric exercises are a mainstay for building functional strength


  • The purchasing experience should be simplified
  • No weight-bearing exercises may mean that convenience does not equate to results

We are very familiar with Vert Shock and wrote an extensive review going over the pros and cons of the program.  Vert Shock was created by Adam Folker and utilizes many great plyometric exercises to increase your vertical jump by 6 or more inches over the course of the eight week program.

The Vert Shock program is broken down into three “phases”: The pre-shock phase, shock phase, and post shock phase.  Each phase has a specific purpose and works to enhance and maximize your vertical jumping gains.

Who Should Buy Vert Shock?

Vert Shock is a great program for basketball players who struggle to finish at the rim.  We also recommend the Vert Shock program to players who do not have easy access to weights or a gym.  Due to the emphasis on plyometrics, the Vert Shock program is less likely to cause injury when using proper form. This is our number one rated program for players with a history of knee injuries.

2. The Complete Vertical Jump Training System


  • Coach Rock is a serious basketball player and you can trust that this content is worth the money
  • Reasonably priced at $67
  • The Complete Vertical Jump Training Program is the most comprehensive vertical jumping program out there as it combines aspects of jumping technique, strength training, and plyometrics to achieve optimal results
  • Comes with a lot of bonuses that will help you overall as a basketball player


  • Coach Rock does not have a training background

One of the newest vertical jumping programs that has been released is the Complete Vertical Jump Training System by Coach Rock.  For those unfamiliar Coach Rock is one the most well known and well respected voices in basketball training today.  Through his use of social media and YouTube, he has amassed a huge following of fans.

Coach Rock has now created a program specifically tailored to increasing your vertical jump.  His Complete Vertical Jump Training System includes three main training pillars.  These include building a foundation on proper jumping mechanics, building the muscles you need to maximize your vertical through weightlifting and body weight training, and finally the explosive phase which focuses on plyometrics.

The Complete Vertical Jump Training System also includes six bonuses with your purchase.  The bonuses include The Secret Cure to Jumper’s Knee, How to Dunk for the First Time, How to Land Properly, Jump Higher with Ball in Hand, In-Season Training, and Guide to Recovery.

Who Should Buy The Complete Vertical Training System?

The Complete Vertical Jump Training System is great for those who want to increase their vertical without breaking the bank.  If you are familiar with Coach Rock’s YouTube videos and find his coaching easy to understand, then you should strongly consider this program.  Personally, we’d pick this vertical training program due to it having aspects of several training strategies including plyometrics, strength training, and jumping technique.

3. The Jump Manual


  • Developed for those who are willing to work hard and hit the weight room
  • Has a long track record with hundreds of satisfied customers, this gives the Jump Manual a good reputation
  • Jacob Hiller is the real deal and you can see his insane leaping abilities on his website and on Youtube
  • A 12 week program is longer and allows for your body to recover and obtain greater vertical jumping gains


  • The program has not been updated in many years, we’d like to see Mr. Hiller update his program to include the most up to date theories and strategies when it comes to increasing your vertical
  • Videos in the program are blurry and old.  This makes the program look out of date.  
  • Requires a gym and heavy lifting, may be high risk to those who are injury prone

The Jump Manual was created by Jacob Hiller.  It truly is the original breakout vertical jumping program on the internet.  It has helped many aspiring players improve their vertical and overall athleticism by focusing on specific weight training techniques that unlock your max vertical.

At 12 weeks, this program is a full 4 weeks longer than the Vert Shock program.  There are eight chapters within the Jump Manual training program. Each chapter focuses on a specific area related to improving your vertical jump.  Included in the Jump Manual is a basic nutrition plan to help your body fuel for the best results.  We believe diet to be one on the most underrated aspects of optimal performance, especially among young athletes.

Chapter 8 is the actual workout program that has helped many people gain 10+ inches to their vertical.  We won’t promise that you’ll see that insane of a gain by doing this program, but we have no doubt that if you follow this program to the letter that you’ll obtain significant gains in your vertical.

Be sure to read our full review of this program if interested to learn more.

Who Should Buy The Jump Manual?

Jump Manual is the most hardcore vertical jumping program there is.  If you have a durable body, strength train, and have not experienced serious injury, then we’d recommend giving Jump Manual a try.  Anyone with a history of knee injuries should stay away as the lifting puts a heavy load on your knees.

4. BoingVERT


  • Developed by Shawn Myszka, a professional trainer for several NFL athletes
  • Comprehensive program that takes into account fitness, strength, and nutrition
  • You can get both the Animal Program and BoingVERT Air Warfare for $44, a great value 


  • The plyo based Animal Program and BoingVERT Air Warefare programs are sold separately making the process a bit confusing

Shawn Myszka developed BoingVERT to help players be able to gain inches to their vertical jump.  According to the BoingVERT site, the average vertical jump gains by those who completed the programs is 10.3 inches.  This is a pretty impressive feat.  

The two main programs are Animal and Air Warfare.  The former of the two is a plyo based program that does not require weight training.  This makes it great for those looking to increase their vertical without having to go to a gym.  It also focuses on helping you become leaner and stronger, two critical components to increasing your vertical jump.

Air Warfare is the strength-training program that complements the Animal program.  The folks at BoingVERT recommend completing the Animal program before starting Air Warefare.  The reasoning being that once you’ve completed Animal, your body will be prepared to tackle the more intensive weight bearing workouts found with Air Warfare.  

For those who want maximum results, I highly recommend you purchase both programs so that you get both the benefits of plyometrics and weight training.

Who Should Buy BoingVERT?

BoingVERT is perfect for those who want to ease into weight-training through focusing on plyometrics early in the program.  Having this flexibility will allow you to take your vertical jumping journey as long as you desire.  

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