10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for 2021: Durable Kicks For Concrete

Is there anything worse than losing to your friends in a game of 21? As if dashing across the court for an hour wasn’t bad enough, you don’t need to make things harder by wearing a crappy pair of sneakers.

Sure, maybe the stakes in a weekend game of basketball aren’t as high as they are for the actual pros in the NBA, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on the quality.

In fact, anyone can strap up with affordable, high-quality kicks endorsed by some of your favorite athletes.

So when it comes to the best outdoor basketball shoes, here is the top 10 list:

1. Under Armour Men’s Curry 6

Okay, we’re going to be straightforward with you here: will a pair of Under Armour’s Curry 6 basketball shoes help you pull off Steph’s elegant ankle-breaking crossovers? How about pull-up 3-pointers from nearly half court? Or how about 10 minute spans of play time with no misses?

Maybe, maybe not—but they will definitely make you play better and look better on the court.

Behold its unique design that is so much more than aesthetics. Experience greater traction and control thanks to a number of unique features.

First, the internal sleeve is knitted and provides a structured fit for both the forefoot and the collar.

Next, the quarter panel is made of synthetic microfibers that help support you without adding excess bulkiness.

Additionally, to minimize weight while maximizing traction, a speed plate and a cross-centric traction pattern were added.

With the use of dynamic seams, the synthetic quarter panel is merged with the knit sleeve. 

Unleash your fullest potential on the court with Under Armour’s Curry 6 basketball shoes, one of the best outdoor basketball shoes for sale. 

For those who want to not only look like Steph but play like him too, check out our thorough review of his Masterclass program.

2. Nike Air Versitilie III

The Nike Air Versitile III lives up to its name. If you’re looking for versatility, this pair of sneakers has what you need.

A rubber sole lays the foundation for an upper made of Nubuck and a mesh material for excellent comfort. Additionally, it will feel very breathable and custom-formed for your unique shape.

The Achilles will remain safeguarded thanks to extra padding around the ankle. This feature also helps keep the foot properly secured during rigorous gameplay. Being outdoors you may find you plant your foot on a rock or uneven surface, the best outdoor basketball shoes offer this type of achilles protection.

Internally, the Versitile is comprised of a half bootie with a breathable mesh. Furthermore, the mesh connects directly to the tongue, creating a seamless feel similar to slipping on a sock.

Hard cuts will never cause an issue again thanks to the webbing pattern mesh that encompasses the foot. In addition, an Air-Sole compartment beneath the heel offers extra support.

Visually, your eyes will feast upon a combination of sleekness and boldness. Arching up, the upper blends well between the lacing system and color variations.

Simply put, the Nike Air Versatile III for Men could be the ideal choice for you. 

3. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Few have better applied the motto “be yourself” than Damian Lillard, so naturally, his signature shoes have also stayed true to his style.

Still, the Adidas Dame 5 for men has been tailored in such a way that they can custom-fit to your precise shape and movements.

They might be true to Lillard’s style, but they can match your unique needs thanks to the use of FUSEDMESH along the upper. The result is an excellent customized fit that adapts to your actions on the court.

An extra layer of comfort is achieved with the BOUNCE cushion base that keeps the sneakers flexible and supportive.

Between the neoprene collar and the bootee tailoring style, it’s the ultimate lightweight, malleable option.

Adding to the aesthetic appeal reflective of Lillard’s personal style, the sneakers are topped off with a tread-pattern rubber outsole. The vibe is a clear shout out to Dame’s rich roots and personal backstory. Read Full Review

4. Jordan Why Not Zer0.2

Michael Jordan might be retired but these basketball shoes are anything but that. Living up to its name, you’ll find yourself flying across the court thanks to Russell Westbrook. The Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 is Westbrook’s signature shoe.

A solid support is provided without the bulk or the baggage thanks to a lighter upper. This lightweight portion is textile and breathable, providing excellent comfort.

The Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 is tailored with a full-bootie design for ideal fitting. You’ll love the stylish upper combined with the “octopus” traction pattern.

Whether you’re juking around an opponent or getting air for that crucial jump shot, you’ll appreciate the external lacing panel in the midsole. This helps you maintain stability for lateral movements while also keeping the sneakers contained and compact.

With a cushioned sole that reacts responsively, the addition of a Forefoot Zoom Air unit sets this pair apart from the rest. Though, with all this flight, you’re given just enough grounding thanks to the traction from an outsole made of solid rubber. 

5. Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 13

He’s called the “King” for a reason and LeBron James’ signature Soldier 13 sneakers from NIKE live up to the name.

The first thing you’ll notice on these shoes is the elegant high top design featuring two horizontal straps.

In fact, that’s really all there is to this pair: the straps are all you need to secure—no laces included. The result is an easier on/off experience, making the transition between barefoot and strapped seamless.

An additional adjustable strap reaches as high as your ankle, providing much-needed stability and closure.

A compression inner sleeve, along with the inclusion of Nike Zoom technology, helps maintain balance and a layer of plush comfort.

The back of the midsole takes heavy influence from the high performing Lebron 16.

At the end of the day, you’re left with a pair of outdoor basketball shoes that will enhance your game and keep you looking great on the court. 

6. Nike Men’s Zoom KD 12

Zonal breathability, a Flyknit upper, and Zoom Air units across the full length of the sole are just a few of the standout characteristics in Nike’s Zoom KD 12 for men.

An improved version from older models, it is designed to maximize flexibility while maintaining a reliable fit. You’ll be surprised by the balance between durability and lightness.

Zonal breathability will be the ultimate backup in those crucial moments throughout the game—especially during layups.

You may also be impressed by the Zoom Air units that extend all across the base, offering incredible support and a unique aesthetic look.

Keep it all together with the KD 12’s dynamic system for lacing that creates an unparalleled lockdown fit.

Also, don’t let crossover dribbling or a spin get bogged down by a bad sole. This pair won’t disappoint as it’s equipped with a traction pattern that provides a reliable grip in multiple angles and directions.

The Nike Men’s Zoom KD 12 basketball shoes will give you the comfort and reliability during the game’s most demanding moments. Read Full Review

7. Air Jordan XXXIV

Michael Jordan is still relevant today—it’s as if he never even retired. One thing’s for sure: his signature line of basketball sneakers are still active on the court.

Few designs prove this better than the men’s Air Jordan XXXIV, another inclusion to a long history of iterations. This time, however, the updated approach places a greater emphasis on combining style with innovation.

The upper showcases an incredible partnership of technology and comfort. This is thanks to the use of high-tenacity yarn that can supply both great support and flexibility.

Taking direct inspiration from the long line of Air Jordan’s from so many years ago, it’s a modern twist that combines a retro feel with a high-tech foundation.

Flight speed technology will keep you incredibly agile on the court. Zoom Air units will further provide support after layups and jump shots.

You’ll also appreciate a fairly flexible forefoot thanks to the use of a knit-pattern. Similarly, a traction pattern beneath the sole provides a multidirectional grip for every angle you tear through on the court. 

8. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4

Few shoemakers have pioneered fashion and functionality the way Under Armour has. This is certainly the case with their Lockdown 4 for men.

The updated Lockdown tech provides all three of the key characteristics desired in a quality basketball shoe without compromising on any.

First, enjoy maximum breathability to keep you feeling free and light.

Next, the material stretches well so your feet and ankles have room for much more nuanced movements.

Lastly, Lockdown technology will provide excellent support so you never feel wobbly or wavering.

There are even more features, though, including an external heel counter that only adds to the rock-solid stability. You’ll even get a small cushion specifically designed for your Achilles, a common theme with the best outdoor basketball shoes. This will both increase comfort and boost your performance on the court.

Lacing is maximized for security as the bear-trap system keeps the laces snugly against the tongue. Add to this whole package the incredibly intricate design and the Under Armour Lockdown 4 for men is a serious contender. 

9. Adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019

With great name comes great responsibility, and the Adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019 absolutely lives up to its name.

The sight of the sneakers is enough to capture your attention as it features an array of flowing, curving lines. Together, it creates an impression of power and speed.

The lace-up upper adds a stunning contrast of color that reaches all the way up the high top. Additional colors are featured along the side-edge of the outsole, offering a very attractive foundation.

But let’s talk specs. Boost cushioning is all the rage with this pair because it is full-length, running across the sole. The result is incredible protection upon impact that’s also very comfortable.

In regards to traction, it provides impeccable support which pairs well with the impressive ankle security/stability. The lockdown is a lace-up style and features a high top.

Adidas’ Pro Bounce Madness 2019 for men is a combination of visual beauty and functional design that will have you winning games—or at least some compliments—out on the court. Read Full Review

10. Nike Men’s KD Trey V 5

Versatility is everything with the men’s KD Trey 5 V from Nike. Indeed, it’s as if every feature of this pair was added with the focus on keeping you as versatile as possible.

First, a mesh upper allows for maximum breathability, durability, and comfort. You won’t feel cramped or suffocated while still enjoying a solid support base.

A synthetic sole provides a stable foundation and the inclusion of Zoom Air along the midsole prevents excess trauma when landing off a big jump.

Further comfort and aesthetic appeal are garnered from the KD embroidered tongue with plush padding.

The upper is customizable so it can be worn in a variety of fittings—loose or tight, whatever you prefer or need at the moment.

Stay grounded and ensure superior grip with a deep-groove sole. These large ridges allow for added flexibility ensuring ideal traction across the court. 

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