10 Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops of 2023: Bringing the Game Home

When it comes to home hoops nothing can touch the performance of a premium in-ground basketball hoop. The single-piece support poles paired with tempered glass backboards and gymnasium quality rims are unmatched by other hoop types. 

While portable hoops are easier to assemble, they do not have the stability that in-ground hoops offer. For those who have a dedicated backyard basketball court, there are many more high-end in-ground hoops to choose from to complete the project. If you are in this camp consider the Goalrilla FT, Spalding Arena View, or Goalsetter All-American. 

Most in-ground hoops are geared toward intermediate players and above. In-ground hoops are great for players who take the game seriously and want to use their hoop for drills and competitive practice sessions.

Within the last 10 years, many of these $1,000+ units started offering bolt-on bases that allow you to move the hoop if you end up moving to a new home in the future. 

In this article, I take a close look at each hoop in terms of several characteristics. These include the backboard, rim, support pole, and I offer an overall rating that you can see in the chart below.

You’ll also see that we have an exclusive basketball hoop quiz that will give you personalized in-ground hoop recommendations. No matter what you are looking for this article will give you the best in-ground basketball hoop for your home.


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In-Ground Basketball Hoops Summary Chart

Use our portable basketball hoops summary chart to fast track your way around this page to any hoop on our list that you are interested in.  To jump to a hoop simply click on the basketball hoop name.

Low-Cost ($0-$500)   
Lifetime 9002052 InchPolycarbonate3 Piece
Lifetime 7152554 InchPolycarbonate3 Piece
Mid-Range ($500-$1,000)   
Silverback SB6060 InchTempered Glass2 Piece
Spalding In-Ground60 InchTempered Glass2 Piece
High-End ($1,000+)   
Lifetime Mammoth54, 60, & 72 InchesTempered Glass1 Piece
First Team Game Changer60 InchTempered Glass1 Piece
Goalsetter All-American60 InchTempered Glass1 Piece
Goalrilla FT54, 60, & 72 InchesTempered Glass1 Piece
Spalding 88860 & 72 InchTempered Glass1 Piece


Least Expensive ($200-$500)

Lifetime 90020 In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Backboard Size:48 Inches
Backboard Material:Makrolon
Rim Type:Uncovered Breakaway
Offset:22 Inches
Support Pole:3-Piece, 3.5″ Diameter
Height Adjustment:7.5-10 Feet


The first choice on our list is the Lifetime 90020 In-Ground Basketball System. For the price, this hoop has a lot to offer.  The frame and pole for this hoop are made of steel and it also features small padding that is attached to the bottom of the backboard for safety.



The backboard is made 48 inches and made from Makrolon which is durable, but will not offer much in the way of responsiveness. Makrolon is lightweight which does make the assembly process easier compared to more expensive systems that feature tempered glass. Graphics on this backboard are fade-resistant and will offer rich color despite years of use.

One Amazon reviewer states that the backboard “does have a bit of a ‘thud’ noise” when the ball makes contact.



The rim is a good value with double compression springs that will be good for shooting sessions, but is not made to handle any type of dunking. Springs on this rim are uncovered and may rust in more moist environments.


Support Pole

The hoop can easily be adjusted from 7.5-10ft in increments of 6″. 

With the Lifetime 90020, you get a 3-piece support pole with a diameter of 3.5 inches. This is the standard support pole set up for a low-cost in-ground basketball hoop. Because of this and the extension arms that connect to the backboard, there will be some shaking of the unit during shooting sessions.

The Lifetime 90020 has an offset of 22 inches when set at the regulation 10 feet height.



For most of the assembly, you’ll be able to do most of the work yourself. However, there are certain parts of assembly where you’ll need one or two adults to help out. Just be sure to bring a case of beer as payment for these fine souls.

In addition to the hoop, you’ll need a post pole digger and about 4 bags of concrete to complete assembly.

Overall, expect to spend about three hours to put this hoop together with sufficient help.


What We Like About This Hoop:

  • One of the highest-rated in-ground basketball hoops in this price range
  • 22-inch offset gives players a little room to operate under the hoop


What Would Make This Hoop Better

  • Makrolon backboards do not offer the same performance as acrylic or tempered glass
  • Three-piece support pole means that this hoop will vibrate moderately when shots hit the rim

Lifetime 71525 In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Backboard Size:54 Inches
Backboard Material:Polycarbonate
Rim Type:Covered Breakaway
Offset:13 Inches
Support Pole:3-Piece, 3.5″ Diameter
Height Adjustment:7.5-10 Feet


The Lifetime 71525 In-Ground Basketball Hoop is a nice hoop at a great price which is great for family games and developing your skills from the comfort of your home.  This system provides consistent performance due to its rim that features two compression springs.  The power-lift pole makes it so easy to adjust the hoop’s height that even kids can do it.


Support Pole

As with other sub $500 in-ground hoops, the Lifetime 71525 has a 3-piece 3.5-inch support pole. This is a light-duty pole and isn’t really meant to sustain dunking and other potentially damaging usage. 

The unit’s height adjusts anywhere from 7 and a half feet to the regulation 10 feet.  



For a value-priced hoop, the backboard is exceptional as it is made of Makrolon polycarbonate, which is significantly stronger than acrylic. As with the other Lifetime hoop in this category, the 71525 also has the added feature of a padded backboard to keep any elite jumpers safe.

Similar to the Lifetime 90020, the 71525’s backboard will shake during use. If you want a backboard that doesn’t have additional shaking, then you’ll want to consider spending a bit more money on your in-ground hoop.



The rim on the Lifetime 71525 is a strength for this in-ground hoop. It features double-compression springs that are protected by a metal cover to enhance lifespan. While not up to par with rims found on high-end hoops, this setup will satisfy almost any recreational hooper looking for some fun.



I recommend this hoop to families with small driveways living in neighborhoods. Having a low-cost hoop is better in this case since you won’t be out as much if you have some unruly neighborhood kids who beat up the hoop while you’re gone.

Assembly will require two or three adults, which are mostly needed for putting the support pole into the concrete base.


What We Like About This Hoop:

  • Light-duty backboard padding helps to enhance the safety of this basketball hoop
  • For the price, the rim offers quality performance


What Would Make This Hoop Better

  • While the backboard is strong it is not very responsive for optimal rebounding
  • Springs in the rim are exposed to the elements, which can make rusting an issue over time

Mid-Range ($500-$1000)

Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System

Backboard Size:54/60 Inches
Backboard Material:Tempered Glass
Rim Type:Covered Breakaway
Offset:24 Inches
Support Pole:2- Piece, 4″x4″ Squared
Height Adjustment:7.5-10 Feet


The first entry into the mid-tier of the best in-ground hoops, the Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System.



The backboard on this hoop is 60 by 34 inches and is made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is the best backboard material you can buy. It is super responsive and is the same material used for indoor gym basketball hoops. On the other hand, tempered glass is a very heavy material and hoops with this backboard material need to have a serious support pole to properly handle the weight.  

Aluminum trim incases the glass and offers additional reinforcement. There is no backboard padding which could be an issue for those wanting to take extra safety precautions. 


Support Pole

You get an upgrade in regard to the support pole when you go with a mid-tier in-ground hoop. The Spalding NBA features a 4″ x 4″ square two-piece support pole.

When you consider the 60 inch tempered glass backboard, this support pole is the minimum acceptable size that I’d recommend. Because of the weight of the backboard, you will find that there is some shaking with this hoop. It is still much better than the low-cost in-ground hoops on this list. 

Similar to most modern recreational hoops the Spalding In-Ground Basketball System can be adjusted in height from 7 and a half-10 feet. Spalding makes a great breakaway rim and this hoop shows their expertise.  

There is an offset of two feet from pole to hoop so that you can work on your skills under the hoop. Because the hoop has a strong square steel support pole it will give you many great years of basketball performance.

With this basketball hoop, you’ll still be directly inserting the support pole into the concrete base (no bolt-on mechanism).



Across the board, this was the biggest complaint from Amazon reviewers when it came to this in-ground hoop. In particular, complaints revolve around putting the two-piece support pole together as the two pieces don’t seem to go together easily. For one reviewer this process took an hour alone!  You’ll also find that you’re going to need help putting this stubborn support pole into the ground. I recommend two adult-sized friends to help you out. Be prepared to spend a full afternoon putting this hoop together. Stay patient and it will be fine. If you want something that you can assemble quickly, I’d suggest looking elsewhere. 



The rim on the Spalding NBA In-Ground Hoop is also a plus. It features a Pro Image breakaway rim. Pro Image rims from Spalding have a spring mechanism and have a metal cover for protection. 

While the rim will bounce a bit, it is pretty close to a true gym-quality basketball experience.


What We Like About This Hoop:

  • Tempered glass backboard offers solid responsiveness on rebounds
  • Spalding has some of the best rims at the mid to high price point
  • Square support pole is stronger than lower cost hoops with circular support poles


What Would Make This Hoop Better

  • No padding on the support pole or on the backboard

Check out the full review of this hoop here.

Silverback SB In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Backboard Size:54/60 Inches
Backboard Material:Tempered Glass
Rim Type:Covered Breakaway
Offset:30 Inches
Support Pole:4″x4″ Square, Two-Piece
Height Adjustment:7.5-10 Feet


The Silverback SB line of in-ground basketball hoops is one of the most successful models in terms of selling volume. With over 300 Amazon reviews and a cumulative rating of 4.1, this hoop has one of the strongest reputations for an in-ground system.


Support Pole

Similar to the Spalding NBA In-Ground Hoop, the Silverback SB utilizes a 4″ x 4″ two-piece support pole. For the 60-inch tempered glass backboard, this support pole is on the lighter side.

Unlike the Spalding NBA, the Silverback SB features a bolt-on system that makes assembly and moving the hoop in the future a much easier process.

You also get some medium-duty padding on the support pole that enhances safety for when players drive to the hoop.

This hoop is adjustable from 7.5 to 10 feet in infinite increments using a turning all-steel height adjustment actuator.



Silverback SB In-Ground Hoops come in 54 and 60-inch backboard versions. Both of these backboard sizes are made from tempered glass.

Whether you choose the 54 or 60-inch backboard, you’ll be well under $1000 with your purchase. 



A quality covered spring breakaway rim, the basket on the SB is a step up from the rims found on the hoops we’ve discussed so far. While I still wouldn’t recommend hanging on this rim, it will be able to handle light dunks without causing long-term damage. 



You can expect to pay around $700 for the 54-inch backboard, while the 60-inch backboard version will set you back around $850. At this price point, the Silverback SB occupies a space not many other hoops can claim. If you want a more premium hoop without spending over a grand then this hoop is easily the best option. 

Great for medium to large driveway spaces, the Silverback SB In-Ground Basketball Hoop is one of the safest bets in hoops.


What We Like About This Hoop

  • Two different backboard size options, both of which are made of tempered glass
  • Awesome backboard padding that gives parents peace of mind
  • A true breakaway rim with capacity for light to mid-pressure dunks
  • Anchor bolt system allows for you to take this hoop with you if you move


What Would Make This Hoop Better

  • Support pole may be on the smaller side for the 60″ backboard version causing some wobble


High-End ($1000+)

Lifetime Mammoth In-Ground Hoop

Backboard Size:54/60/72 Inches
Backboard Material:Tempered Glass
Rim Type:Covered Breakaway
Offset:33 Inches
Support Pole:1-Piece, 5×5 Inch Square
Height Adjustment:7.5-10 Feet


Welcome to the top class of in-ground basketball hoops.  This is where the high flyers, ballers, and those with just a sweet shooting stroke play.  Our first hoop for those that tickle the twine is the Lifetime Mammoth In-Ground Basketball System.

While Lifetime is often known for being able to provide a good hoop at a great price, this hoop shows that when they want to make a great premium hoop they know what real players are looking for.  The Lifetime Mammoth In-Ground Basketball System comes in 54, 60, and 72-inch backboard versions.  This goal can be adjusted from 7 and a half feet to 10 feet in infinite increments.

The bolt down pole is 5×5  to 6×6 inches depending on which backboard size you purchase, and is made of powder-coated steel.  Because you can bolt down the pole to the cement it allows for easier leveling.  We know that anyone with game would love to own this hoop.


What We Like About This Hoop:

  • Comes in three different backboard size options allowing you to get a great hoop within a lower budget
  • Square one-piece support pole that is powder-coated to reduce rusting
  • Bolt down anchor system allows you to take this hoop with you if you move


What Would Make This Hoop Better

  • No padding on the support pole

First Team Game Changer In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Backboard Size:60 Inches
Backboard Material:Tempered Glass
Rim Type:Covered Breakaway
Offset:30 Inches
Support Pole:1-Piece, 5×5 Inch Square
Height Adjustment:7.5-10 Feet


First Team is a smaller basketball hoop manufacturer that focuses on higher-end basketball systems.  Their First Team Game Changer Hoop is a great choice in terms of a balance between quality and value.



This hoop comes with a 60-inch backboard that is 5/16ths of an inch thick. A backboard of this size will impress even serious hoopers with its performance and rebound.

Aligning the bottom of the backboard is padding that will be great for protecting any dunkers. 


Support Pole

With a one-piece 5″ x 5″ support pole, the First Team Game Changer brings serious stability and can effectively manage the heavy tempered glass backboard.

Four extension arms attach to two braces that are connected to the backboard. I do wish the connection points were a bit wider to give the backboard a bit more consistent performance. This should only be an issue when the ball hits the far right and left sides of the backboard.

Overall, this support pole provides a stable base for this in-ground hoop.

This goal can be adjusted from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in infinite increments. There is a 30 inch offset between the backboard and the support pole. 

Another feature that I really like on this hoop is the padding that runs up the support pole. If a player drives to the hoop they can be protected by this padding, which will help to avoid injury.



Moving on to the rim, you’ll find the First Team Hoop has a gym-quality basket. The spring breakaway mechanism has the right mix of firm and forgiveness, allowing players to have an authentic basketball shooting experience.



With the First Team Game Changer In-Ground Hoop, you get anchor bolt system. This system helps make installation simpler.

You should expect to pour upwards of 900 pounds of concrete in the post hole. Amazon reviewers state that the direction for this hoop is clear and easy to follow.

Even still, expect to need three adults for the most difficult assembly steps. 



At only $1200, this hoop is an above-average value. This especially true when you consider the quality backboard and padding that come with this hoop. Overall, this is an underrated in-ground basketball hoop that should be on the radar of all potential buyers.


What We Like About This Hoop:

  • Given the top-tier quality of this hoop, the price is reasonable
  • Bolt down one-piece square support poles are the best in terms of durability and strength
  • 60 Inch tempered glass backboard offers great responsiveness


What Would Make This Hoop Better

  • Does not offer multiple backboard size options

Goalsetter All-American In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Backboard Size:60 Inches
Backboard Material:Tempered Glass
Rim Type:Covered Breakaway
Offset:36 Inches
Support Pole:1-Piece, 5×5 Inch Square
Height Adjustment:6-10 Feet


Goalsetter may not be the first name you think of when you consider basketball hoops, but the Goalsetter All-American In-Ground Basketball Hoop may change that.  A 60 by 38-inch competition quality tempered glass backboard will make you think you are in the gym getting ready to take the last-second shot.



The Goalsetter All-American has the most options for backboards that I’ve seen on any in-ground hoop. 

You can get this hoop with either an acrylic backboard or with tempered glass. If you’re worried about the weight of the system or breakage, go with the acrylic. If you want the best performance, go with the tempered glass.


Support Pole

The support pole is a 5-inch square steel one-piece that can support monster dunks from the heaviest of rim shakers.  The hoop can adjust in height an insane 6 ft. to 10 ft., making it the most versatile hoop on our list.

You’ll notice by looking at this hoop that the support pole has a unique shape. It starts out vertical and then juts out at an about a 45-degree angle and then goes back running vertical. This ingenious design enhances weight distribution during rim hanging dunks.

There is no padding on the support pole for the Goalsetter All-American In-Ground Hoop. 



There are several rim options to choose from with the All-American. You can get a breakaway rim, single static rim, or a double static rim (think playground rims).

Personally, I’d opt for either the breakaway rim or the single static rim. Double rims are notoriously too firm and make for a frustrating shooting experience.

The breakaway rim on this hoop is quality. This rim performs similar to rims found at your local gym. Due to the support pole and rim, this is an in-ground system that can tolerate rim shaking dunks effectively.



Using a ground-hinge anchor system, the All-American support pole bolt-in system is better than many other competitors.

This makes assembly easier. Still, if you plan to put together this hoop yourself plan on having a couple of friends help.

In all, expect a 3-4 hour assembly process to get this bad boy up and ready for use.

Because of Goalsetter’s patented ground anchor hinge system, the hoop can be fully assembled before being raised upright.  If you are ready to get serious about the game of basketball then it is time to seriously consider this hoop for your personal basketball heaven.



Pricing for most of the options on the Goalsetter will run you anywhere from $1500-$2000. Certainly not a small amount, but the quality of this hoop means that this will be a one time cost for buyers. Made in the USA, this hoop will last an entire playing career. 


What We Like About This Hoop

  • Goalsetter All-American can be fully assembled before being raised upright
  • Support pole is angled so that it distributes weight from dunks more effectively


What Would Make This Hoop Better

  • No padding on the support pole or on the backboard

Goalrilla FT In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Backboard Size:54/60/72 Inches
Backboard Material:Tempered Glass
Rim Type:Covered Breakaway
Offset:36 Inches
Support Pole:1-Piece, 5×5 Inch Square
Height Adjustment:7.5-10 Feet


Goalrilla is the big brother to the Silverback brand, and is the top brand for basketball hoops by Escalade. The FT is a newer model from Goalrilla and I am impressed by the quality and initial buyer reviews.



This FT In-Ground Basketball Hoop comes in three different tempered glass backboard sizes: 54 inches, 60 inches, and the regulation 72 inches.  The backboard on this hoop performs as you’d expect from a gym quality hoop allowing for accurate bank shots. 

If you are planning to put this hoop in a driveway I’d recommend going with the 54 or 60-inch backboard. For those with a dedicated backyard court opt for the 60 or 72-inch versions.

Thickness for this in-ground hoop’s backboard is 3/8’s of an inch. At this thickness, this backboard can handle a lot of punishment and will stand the test of time.

Many in-ground hoops come with backboards that have an aluminum trim. However, with the Goalrilla FT, you get an aluminum trim that is anodized. Anodization protects the aluminum and is more resistant to chipping than regular painting.



As expected with high-end in-ground systems, the Goalrilla FT features a heavy-duty breakaway rim. A single monster spring controls the breakaway motion that occurs during dunks and rim hanging. Thanks to the high-quality components on this hoop you will be able to dunk on this hoop without causing damage. That is, unless you are Shaq sized.


Support Pole

Let’s take a look at the support pole on the Goalrilla FT. With this hoop, the support pole is a one-piece 5.5″ x 5.5″ squared. 

What I like most about this support pole is the braces that connect the support pole to the hoop are large and are designed in a way to maximize stability. There are three braces on the FT. One connects directly behind the rim, while the other two connect to the left and right edges of the backboard. 

At the bottom of the support pole is a bolt-on base that will connect to the concrete anchor keeping the hoop in place.



Get ready for a serious assembly with the Goalrilla FT. It isn’t that the instructions are poor, but that this hoop is big and heavy. The entire unit weighs in at about 325 pounds.

Because of this, I recommend at least three adults to handle assembly. But to be honest, even more help is better. 

If you aren’t handy, consider opting for a professional installer service either through Amazon or a third party. A hoop assembly like this can get overwhelming in a hurry if you don’t have the skill, tools, or hands-on-deck that are necessary.



Because of the three backboard options for this in-ground hoop pricing varies widely. For the 54-inch backboard version, you can purchase the Goalrilla FT for ~$1350. At the other end expect to drop ~$1850 for the 72-inch backboard. 

Overall, this is a good value considering it is one of my favorite in-ground hoops that you purchase for your home.


What We Like About This Hoop

  • Three backboard size options allow for different budgets to purchase this hoop
  • One of the best rims that can be found on an in-ground basketball hoop


What Would Make This Hoop Better

  • Minimal padding on the backboard

Spalding 888 In-Ground Hoop

Backboard Size:60/72 Inches
Backboard Material:Tempered Glass
Rim Type:Covered Breakaway
Offset:48 Inches
Support Pole:1-Piece, 8×8 Square
Height Adjustment:7-10 Feet


One of the largest Spalding In-Ground models, the Spalding 888 brings some great features to the table. 



You have a lot of choices when it comes to backboard sizes on the Spalding 888. This hoop has 54, 60, and 72-inch backboard options. Each version’s backboard is made from tempered glass and 3/8’s of an inch thick. Basically, you don’t have to worry about the quality of this backboard because it is top-notch.


Support Pole

In terms of support pole size, the one found on the 888 is 6″ x 6″ squared. This one-piece support pole is a beast and will handle basically anything you can throw at it. As with all high-end in-ground hoops, the Spalding 888 has a bolt-on system that connects to a concrete base. This works to make for a simpler installation and opens the possibility for moving the hoop in the future. The support pole and backboard are attached via four extension arms. These arms connect to an h-frame that is part of the back of the backboard.



As with other hoops on the high-end list, you’ll need help from friends or family to assembly this hoop. Without adequate help, you’ll be in for a very frustrating assembly experience. The other option is to hire an installer to do the assembly for your while you sip on some iced tea and sit on your porch.



 A flex breakaway rim is featured on the Spalding 888 In-Ground Basketball Hoop. This thing looks great and performs great as well. It has the right amount of firm feel and forgiveness to create an authentic basketball experience.


What We Like About This Hoop:

  • Comes in 54 inch, 60 inch, and 72-inch backboard versions
  • Extensive support pole padding
  • Square support pole is stronger than lower cost hoops with circular support poles


What Would Make This Hoop Better

  • There is no backboard padding on this hoop


Things To Consider When Purchasing an In-Ground Basketball Hoop


 1. Your Basketball Hoop Needs

It’s no secret that skilled ballers have needs that differ from those of a youngster learning the game.  In general, more advanced players that put the game of basketball at a higher priority should plan to invest more into a top of the line in-ground basketball hoop.



Advanced Players

I consider advanced players to at least be playing in high school, or those younger who are prospects.  If you are in this category (or have a son or daughter in this category) I recommend purchasing a hoop with the following features:

  • Tempered Glass Backboard
  • Gym Quality Breakaway Rim
  • Two or One-Piece Support Pole
  • A Backboard to Support Pole Offset of At Least Two Feet
  • An Anchor Bolt System so the Hoop Can Be Moved If Needed
  • Purchase Price of $750 or More



Intermediate Players

Intermediate players have expressed an interest in basketball and enjoy to play regularly.  They may one day play at the high school or recreational level, but are not trying to be the next hoops star.  There is no doubt their hoop will get used, but as a priority, basketball is not at the top of the list.

  • Acrylic or a Smaller Tempered Glass Backboard
  • Enclosed Breakaway Spring Rim
  • Two-Piece Support Pole or Higher End Three-Piece Support Pole
  • Purchase Price in the Range of $400-$1,000



Beginning Players

Beginning players are just learning the basics of the game of basketball, or want to learn.  They may or may not continue this interest beyond a year or two.  This is also the category for families with small children who would like a hoop for some laid back family fun.

  • Polycarbonate or Acrylic Backboard
  • Standard Rim or Basic Spring Rim
  • Price Point Below $500
  • Two or Three Piece Support Pole



2. Your Budget


There is no shame in admitting that you cannot afford the most expensive in-ground basketball hoop.  In fact, if you don’t have deep pockets it is better to admit your budgetary confinements than spend more than you are able.

That said to get an in-ground basketball hoop that will perform up to most players’ expectations be prepared to spend at least $500.

We’ve included several hoops in our low-cost category because they are certainly the best performing in-ground systems at their price point.  But do not expect any of these hoops to perform with the likes of the Lifetime Mammoth or Goalrilla FT.

If money is your number one priority, it may be worth considering a portable basketball hoop, as many are cheaper than their in-ground counterparts.

3. Your Residence


HOA and Community Regulations


For those living in areas with Home Owners Associations (HOAs) or within city limits be sure to see if there are any regulations that may prevent you from having a basketball hoop that is visible.  Most of these regulations will be named “Unsightly Nuisance” or something similar.

Installing an in-ground basketball hoop is a big undertaking, and it we stink if you did all the work only to find out that having the hoop will get you a daily fine.


Underground Utility Lines


With in-ground basketball hoops, installation is bound to involve some hole digging.  Make sure to call 811 to ensure that there are no underground pipes or power lines underground.  No hoop is worth taking a life-threatening electric shock. And let’s be honest, nobody wants to be the guy who caused the power to go out in their neighborhood.


Available Space For Your Court


NBA basketball courts are 94 feet by 50 feet.  Unless you’ve spent a serious amount of dough to create an outdoor version of a full-court sized playing surface, you will be most likely using your in-ground basketball hoop in a smaller space.

When selecting a basketball hoop consider the space you have available.  If you have a small space, it will make more sense to purchase a smaller basketball hoop that will take up less space.  For those with wide driveways or dedicated court space be prepared to spend more on a hoop that has a larger backboard (60 inches or greater) with a thicker support pole.

FAQ – In-Ground Hoops

1. How much time does it take to assemble a portable basketball hoop?

This really depends on the model of in-ground basketball hoop that you’ve purchased.  In general, cheaper units will take less time to assemble (~1-2 1/2 hours) while premium systems will take longer (~2 1/2-4 hours).

If you are not adept in assembly, we recommend hiring a professional to complete the installation of premium in-ground hoops.

2. How many people do you recommend for the assembly process?

As with time, cheaper in-ground basketball systems will take less manpower than more expensive units.  For hoops under $400, two people can easily complete the assembly.  

More expensive systems will require three adults.  This is mainly for setting the hoop upright, either into the cement base or the bolt-on system.

3. Where should I put my hoop?

For lower-cost hoops, a standard driveway should do the job.  If you’ve spent big money on your in-ground hoop then we strongly recommend having a paved driveway or a cement court built on your property.  

4. What height should I set the hoop for my child?

Here are our recommendations:

7 years of less – 6-7 feet

8-9 years – 8 feet

10 years – 9 feet

11 years and up – 10 feet

5. Which in-ground basketball hoops from the list are easiest to move?

If you plan on moving often, I recommend purchasing a portable basketball hoop.  For those who are set on an in-ground hoop, be sure to purchase a system with a bolt-on feature that will allow you to attach the support pole to the ground without submerging in cement.

6. Any tips on putting the support pole together?

In my personal experience, this is one of the most difficult parts of the hoop assembly process. If you have difficulty putting the support pole pieces together I recommend covering the pole with grease or WD40 to minimize friction.

7. How do I minimize hoop rust?

Every year coat the most susceptible areas of the hoop with this corrosion inhibitor from WD-40.  This includes any bolts, joints, and the rim.

8. Can I dunk on an in-ground basketball hoop?

Dunking should be no problem on the high-end hoops listed in this article.  Mid-range hoops will allow for light dunking (no hanging on the rim).  Low-cost in-ground hoops should not be used for dunking.