4 Best Basketball Training Aids

So, you have a basketball.  You have a basketball hoop. You have the newest kicks and the hottest ballin’ apparel around.  But your game is on life support.  If this is you, it is probably becoming apparent quickly that having the coolest gear is not enough to truly become a playground god.  No, you need to practice.  Now how are you supposed to learn the game if you have nothing to guide you?  Where can you turn to take your game up a notch to compete with anyone on any court?  Well we are here to help you answer these questions.  Below we have selected five of the best basketball training aids available.  Continue reading to see what each instructional guide can do for you.

Steve Nash MVP-Basketball Fundamentals

  Steve Nash’s MVP Basketball Fundamentals is great instructional DVD, especially for younger or beginning players.  Too often new basketball players pick up bad habits and techniques because they do not have the proper training.  This DVD will be of great assistance to this players.   Advanced players may find this video too basic, however, it will teach the proper shooting, dribbling, and defensive techniques to put you on the path to having solid basketball skills.



The Jump Manual

Rucker Park Vertical JumpThe Jump Manual is a program that is produced by Jacob Hiller.  Jacob has worked with Olympians to NBA basketball players helping each to increase their vertical leaping abilities.  This will be best utilized by experienced and serious basketball players who are looking for any edge that can help them excel against tough competition.  To increase your vertical leap is an extremely valuable asset.  This allows players to avoid having shots blocked and making you a more prolific defender.  On top of that, everyone wants to dunk!  With this program you get a workout chart, training video library, nutrition plan, email support, and many others.  For those who want to get air, get The Jump Manual.

The Basketball Development Plan

Our third basketball instructional aid is all business baby!  If you are an advanced player who wants to excel at your game by progressively addressing each weakness in your skill set then the Basketball Development Plan is the way to go.  This is a structured program that takes you YEAR ROUND in your training, and is based on the ten commandments of basketball: ball handling, shooting, passing, defense, rebounding, jumping, quickness, strength, offensive decision making, and confidence..  Giving you a structure to work with whether you are playing in the championship game or playing summer ball on the courts.  This is priced at $299, so this would be only for those who truly committed to improving. This is a web based program that fits on all mobile devices.



Offensive Basketball Moves

So, we’re guessing you’ve heard the old saying “Defense wins championships.”  While this definitely rings to an extent, you can’t win a game without being able to put the ball in the basket.  Offensive Basketball Moves gives you an array of maneuvers to utilize from basic to advanced.  If you are a beginning to intermediate player you will be most likely to benefit from this video.  To excel with the ball is critical component for all basketball players, especially guards, so consider picking up Offensive Basketball Moves to improve your skill.