Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support – 10 Picks


It’s the Achilles heel—the catalyst that can bring down your entire game.

There’s a reason the most elite-level basketball shoes brands invest millions into researching ankle support technology. High-top designs provide greater support with reduced flexibility, though in recent years the game has changed with more accommodating designs.

Gone are the days of settling for excess bulk and limited mobility, here are the top 10 best basketball shoes for ankle support.


1. NIKE Men’s Air Precision Basketball Shoes


Enjoy the best of both worlds—the Nike Men’s Air Precision basketball shoe offers enhanced high-top ankle support while trimming down the back for better flexibility and breathability.

But first, let’s talk looks: this fresh, stylish design is a showstopper with vented side panels for an edgy grid-look and added comfort.

With the iconic Nike logo emblazoned across the side, get ready to game in style. Imported materials and a self-tie system for closures will ensure that no amount of play style fails you on the court.

“Air Precision” is a fitting title for this sleek pair that lace high up across the tongue for a tight, secure fit.

But the real key here is its unique high-top ankle support. The sides rise up to give you necessary structure while the rear stays low for unparalleled ventilation and flexibility.

With a 2.25” shaft and a gridded rubber sole, you’ll enjoy all the traction needed to keep you agile and secure across the court.






2. NIKE LeBron Soldier 10 Men’s Basketball Shoes


The Nike LeBron Soldier 10 is ankle support fit for a king. Crowed with three lockdown straps, security from top to bottom never felt so good.

Considering how much is going on with these pair, it’s surprising just how sleek they look. With numerous color versions to choose from, you can enjoy the reliable black/white style or go wild with countless combinations.

A gridded, vented upper glides across for the sweetest look and the cleanest feel.

But let’s talk functionality: the unique three strap design makes locking on and locking off easier than most lacing systems. And with the highest trap riding well above your ankle, it’s the kind of high-top support you need on the court.

Don’t forget about agility, though. Zoom Air units will have you gliding on air and landing on clouds as you make your move to the rim.

Laying a foundation under it all is a rubber sole with a multidirectional patterning for boundless traction.






3. NIKE Kyrie 4 Men’s Basketball Shoes


Game in style with the Nike Kyrie 4 men’s basketball shoe, featuring all the tech and style you’d expect in a pair named after one of the NBA’s most eccentric legends.

The style stands out the most: emblazoned like a glowing rune stone atop the tongue are the multi-colored Kyrie Irving initials, making a bold statement from the start.

Beneath sweeping Nike logos on the side are a black, starry sole that—beneath the shoe—merges with beautiful white pierced by a wave of purple.

Flywire cables keep the whole package snug while Zoom Air units offer incredible support and cushions.

A standard lacing system brings this flagrant design down to earth, offering a secure knot across the tongue.

For ankle support, you’re getting a solid high-top fit from front, to side, to back. No corners were cut here—literally! If heel support is a priority, you’ll be pleased with these. Read Full Review






4. NIKE Men’s LeBron 15 Basketball Shoes


These are about as high-top as high-tops get—and your ankles will thank you for it!

A king does not concern himself with the opinions of peasants, so don’t be hesitant to wear this eccentric pair on the court. A multi-colored side and upper lays a stylish foundation for a pair of sneakers that do much more than make a statement.

A unique lacing system blends into a convenient loop/tongue for easy wearing and removal.

Zoom air units offer a reliable cushion and unique multi-chambered look. And as far as ankle support is concerned, these rise high like a throne, keeping your entire ankle secured and supported.

Even the most demanding on-court action will receive backup with the LeBron 15 basketball shoes by Nike. As above, so below—and thanks to a solid rubber sole, you’ll have all the traction necessary for every juke or jump shot.






5. Jordan Men’s Fly Unlimited


No one flew like the champ himself, Michael Jordan. Keep your game flying high and your ankle support higher with the Jordan Men’s Fly Unlimited basketball shoes.

Utilizing a unique lacing and strap system, security and confidence never felt so good—or looked so good!

Behold, one of the sleekest high-tops out there, combining a full bootie material with a weightless upper.

Aesthetically, it’s unmatchable. The style remains edgy yet smoothed by rounded curves arching in all directions. Outsoles, made of rubber, ensure even greater amounts of containment.

Both the Flight Web lacing system and wraparound strap mechanism combine to create an ultra-secure fit that rises high up your ankle.

Enhancing your comfort, injected Phylon midsoles help establish comfort and stable lateral movements. Your foundation is further enhanced by Zoom Air units tactfully located beneath the forefoot.






6. Adidas NEO Men’s CF Executor


Stay stylish yet low-key with the Adidas NEO Men’s CF Executor, a high-top pair that use simplicity as a strength.

A spinoff of the iconic Adidas logo rides across the side, creating an attractive geometric appearance.

Various colors provide great styles to choose from for any taste, ranging from bright and bold to dark and subdued. Additionally, a loop along the heel helps you secure a snug fit.

The side and back ride high for an encompassing ankle fit. Make cuts on the court with confidence thanks to its robust support.

A secure fit doesn’t have to compromise on lightness and breathability. A two-tone mesh upper creates a ventilated, weightless shoes for maximum flight.

The rubber sole lays the foundation for your game and thanks to grid-patterns underneath, traction is high and stability is unmatched.






7. Jordan Men’s Air Jordan XXXII Basketball Shoes

This is how you make a statement. The Jordan Men’s Air Jordan XXXII basketball shoes provide ample ankle support with bold stylishness.

Innovation was a primary focus for the designers, seeking a worthy upgrade for older versions. A unique color scheme was chosen, offering plenty of contrast and bold looks.

Take a moment and admire the edgy, futuristic style, combining rubber soles along the sides with a flyknit upper. Atop the tongue is the “MVP” icon representing the legend’s glory years.

Comprised of a high-tenacity yarn, you’ll get added flexibility and breathability. Performance is enhanced thanks to Flight Speed Technology that’s furthered by Zoom Air Units.

Additional stability is provided by an interior harness, creating that secure yet flexing fit that’s essential for agile players.

Hard landings from a jump shot pose no threat thanks to incredible cushioning. But maximum ankle support stemming from the high-top design and strap will always keep you secure.






8. Under Armour Men’s Drive 4 Basketball Shoe


Sleek meets unconventional design with the Under Armour men’s Drive 4 basketball shoes.

About as high as a high-top gets, this pair provide excellent ankle support without compromising on comfort and flexibility.

A standard lacing system rides across the upper, enveloping the tongue with ample room for convenient tying and untying. The materials are textile and synthetic, creating a unique edge both in terms of fit and style.

An extensive shaft measuring about 5.25” rises across the arch with a snug ankle collar. As far as comfort and functionality go, the competition is thin. Furthermore, the heel has external supports that ensure more safety and agility across the court.

With a variety of color schemes, the appearance is enhanced by its ergonomic design. Bootie material comprises the upper to ensure additional breathability while remaining flexible to your every move.

A toe wrap enhances flexibility across the forefoot while lace loops are extra durable. EVA sockliners offer you the ultimate in a cool, comfortable, and snug fit.

Enjoy unmatched ankle support thanks to its sky-high design that rises up the heel. To further bolster your comfort, a heel counter—externally situated—offers a rock solid foundation.






9. Nike Men’s Zoom KD 10 Basketball Shoes


With a focus on enhancing the fit while maintaining flexibility, the Nike Men’s Zoom KD 10 will be your backup on the court.

This “City Edition” creates entire new foundations in terms of style and functionality. Inspired by Kevin Durant—a legend in his own right—there’s a theme of stylishness and street cred.

As far as style goes, this pair makes a statement to everyone. A unique lacing system attaches laces all across the sides and towards the rubber sole.

Contrasting colors create an almost neon look that’s only enhanced by the Zoom Air units beneath. These units, which typically serve functional purposes for additional cushioning, also have a pleasing aesthetic use.

Zonal breathability offers a critical level of comfort, alongside the flyknit upper. The Zoom Air units stretch out all across the underside—it’s unparalleled support.

A lockdown system for lacing creates even more security while the ankle support remains fairly low yet substantial. Thanks to the outsole pattern underneath the rubber sole, you’ll have all the traction you need on the court. Read Full Review






10. Under Armour Men’s Lightning 4 Basketball Shoes


Despite its mid-top design, ankle support is without question on the Under Armour men’s Lightning 4.

The upper glides weightlessly thanks to its textile materials. Agility and lightness reflect its name, and “lightning” is how you’ll feel on the court.

With a molded tongue for additional structure and comfort, the webbed loop enhances the secure fit. Overall, its lacing is comprised of a speed system that merges well with the upper.

Additional comfort is derived from a die-cut sockliner comprised of EVA materials. Cushioning is extensive with the inclusion of Micro G foam. Included along the midsole, the foam also maximizes energy return.

Although the design is a mid-top, ankle support is still incredible. Rising up around the heel, it encapsulates the critical regions while remaining lightweight.

Breathability is a critical component to this pair and is essential for comfort on the court. When it comes to your game, agility and support cannot be compromised.

Topping it all off, you’ll enjoy maximum traction on the hardwood with its injection-molded sole.






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