Five Best Basketball Ankle Braces

Hey we’ve all been there. You make a move during a game of basketball and because of some unfortunate event your ankle snaps faster than cheap ply wood.  A rolled ankle is nothing to mess with and it is important that if you have a history of ankle rolls that you protect your ankle with a quality basketball ankle brace.  By using an ankle brace you’ll be able to make moves and play the game with confidence as these braces are designed to reinforce your ankle so that rolls are less likely and less severe.  We have done our research at Hoops Fiend and have come up with five of our top picks to keep your ankles safe and keep you in the game.

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Nick Daniels

About Nick Daniels

Nick Daniels has been involved in the game of basketball from a young age. A shooting specialist, he once finished 3rd in a state wide free throw shooting contest. Most recently, he coached a youth basketball team and continues to play weekly games of pickup hoops at his local YMCA. Nick started Hoops Fiend in 2013.