Basketball Sizes


Does it Matter What Size of Basketball I Use?

I want to ask you a question, does wearing a shoe that is the correct size make a difference?  Sure it does!  If you wear the wrong size of shoe you will be more likely to trip, hurt your feet, and will generally look goofy.  Having the correct shoe makes sense.  The same principle applies to basketballs.  Having a basketball that is not the right size for you will create a large number of issues that will definitely affect performance.

The Different Basketball Sizes

Of all the basketball sizes available size 7 is the largest.  This basketball has a circumference of 29.5 inches and weighs 20-22 oz.  These are best suited for men in high school and older.  For younger basketballers this ball will be too heavy and large to shoot properly and can cause a breakdown in shooting technique in particular.  The size will also makes it harder to grip for smaller participants.

The next largest basketball size is 6.  This basketball has a circumference of 28.5 inches and weighs 18-20 oz.  For women and youth boys aged 8-12 this will be the ball size of choice.  While slightly smaller, this size will enable smaller hands to better control the ball while giving those with less strength better ability to shoot from longer distances.

Size 5 is the next basketball size.  This is considered a youth size and generally weighs close to 17 oz.  The circumference for this basketball is generally between 27 and 27.5 inches.  Kids need to have a smaller basketball to accommodate for their smaller size and weakness.  Size 4 is another youth size that weighs about 14 oz.  Using a basketball that is too big for children will reinforce bad habits that will be more difficult to correct as they grow.  Teaching good technique coupled with using a size that is right will enhance the opportunities to develop great basketball habits.

The smallest of the basketball sizes is the Mini.  These are the balls you most often see used for autographs and promotional items.  These generally weigh around 10 oz.  These are best suited for youngsters and for indoor use.

To see the ultimate guide on basketball sizes check out this site.  Check out this graph that helps explain the different basketball sizes.

SizeCircumference/WeightBest Suited For
Men's (Size 7)29.5"/20-22 oz.-Men in high school or older
Women's (Size 6)28.5"/18-20 oz.-High school and college women

-Boys up to age 13
Youth (Size 5)27.5"/17 oz.-Youth aged 5-9
Youth (Size 4)14 oz.-Youth aged 3-7
Mini10 oz.-Youth up to age 5 or 6

-Promotional Items