Ballin’ in Lotion: Hermes $13,000 Basketball

"Purchasing me may cause other balls to turn blue."

“Purchasing me may cause other balls to turn blue.”

Here at Hoops Fiend we try to give you frank advice on the best basketballs on the market.  Many of the basketballs we recommend are affordable to almost everyone at $50 for a ball or less.  However, sometimes things get a little weird in the world of basketballs.  Well folks we have officially blown passed weird and  into full blown craziness.  Hermes has released a basketball that they are selling for wait for it…. $13,000!

Yes my friends, for only the cost of a solid used car you can own a hand crafted, calfskin leather, deep blue basketball.  Hermes is using these basketballs to market the reopening of their Beverly Hills store.  Rest assured that this unlimited budget basketball is court ready, according to Hermes CEO Robert Chavez, “Certainly be used for play — the leather is sturdy, and why not make such a unique item come to life in the court?”  In the court?  Now this is a man who knows basketball.  Well Mr. Chavez I must say that while I’m playing basketball this puppy better feel like lotion in my hands.  Also, if I EVER miss a shot with this thing I will immediate hunt you down and demand a refund.