Baden Perfection Elite Indoor Basketball Review

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Hoops Fiend Rating: Baden Perfection Elite Indoor Basketball

Bounce:      [usr 4.5]

Grip:           [usr 4.5]

Feel:           [usr 5]

Durability: [usr 4]

Value:        [usr 3.5]

Overall:   [usr 4.3]

Main Features

  • Features a recessed stealth air valve that allows for a more consistent bounce

  • Standard channel design that is not extra wide or deep, fairly traditional

  • Cushion control technology that works to give the Baden Perfection Elite a softer feel and more long lasting cover than other indoor basketballs

  • NFHS approved, which means it can be used for official high school basketball games

  • Has a very high rating on Amazon, showing that users value and appreciate the quality of this basketball


When thinking about the top basketball brands that exist today names like Spalding, Nike, Under Armour, and Wilson come to mind.  For most of us Baden is not one of the first brand names to pop into our heads.  Well, I’m hear to tell you today that the Baden Perfection Elite Indoor Basketball is such a high quality basketball that it may make you think about Baden next time you think about the game of basketball.

The Baden Perfection Elite Indoor Basketball is an NFHS approved indoor game basketball that has several unique features going for it.  First off, most (if not all) Baden basketballs have this stealth air valve design to them that makes the air less noticeable and intrusive.  Often bad bounces from basketballs can be attributed to the air valve and having one that does not stick out is a definite advantage for the Perfection Elite.

As far as the outer cover, the Baden Perfection Elite Indoor Basketball has one of the most genuine leather feels of any indoor composite basketball out there.  Outside of the Wilson Evolution, we feel the Baden Perfection Elite has the best cover of any other indoor basketball.  And that means we view this basketball favorable compared to many staples in the indoor basketball game including the TF-1000, Nike Elite Championship, and even The Rock.

From a value perspective the Baden Perfection Elite is a solid selection.  At around $55, this is an indoor basketball that is affordable for most players.  Considering the quality you are getting for this price, we feel like this is a good basketball investment as the with proper indoor use this basketball has what it takes to last for many years.

Another issue seen with many composite leather basketballs is the tendency to become slick with wetness from sweat.  While the Baden does become slicker when wet, it is not as noticeable as many of the other indoor basketballs we tested.

The only true downside we see with this basketball is that we like the Wilson Evolution just a bit better overall.  Not to mention the Wilson is also usually $5 cheaper than the Baden Perfection Elite.  However, there is not reason that you should hesitate in picking up the Baden Perfection Elite Indoor Basketball if it is the one you want.  You will not be disappointed.


  • The stealth valve technology makes for a more consistent bounce due to a less intrusive air valve
  • Very good grip due to the soft cushioned cover
  • Standard channel design is great for most players
  • Does not become as slick when wet as other indoor basketballs
  • We rated this basketball better than many other better known indoor basketballs


  • We simply like the Wilson Evolution better

At the end of the day the Baden Perfection Elite Indoor Basketball is a great example of a lesser known basketball brand creating top of the line products that should be seen as a serious option by all basketball players.  Other options that are similar to this basketball include the Wilson Evolution and The Rock Indoor Basketball.

Nick Daniels

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