B.O.B Review: SKLZ Shoot-Around Basketball Return Trainer

71PXZJSXHAL._SL1500_At Hoops Fiend we work hard to provide the best reviews on basketball products and tips that you can use to improve your game.  Often, these tips revolve around shooting and how to be consistent with your technique.  So, we are always excited when we find basketball-related products the hone in on making you a dead-eyed assassin on the courts.  Today, we want to bring you our unbiased review of the SKLZ Shoot-Around Basketball Return Trainer.

Return trainers of many different designs and styles have been used for years to help player work on specific shots on the court.  Often, college and high schools have access to top quality return systems such as the Shoot-A-Way, which not only captures both missed and made shots, but can also pass the ball back to the shooter.  While this is the best ball return system available it is out of the price range and viability for most homes.

This is where the SKLZ Shoot-Around Basketball Return Trainer can come in handy 716Hx7uTL-L._SL1500_as it will give you some of the main benefits of a high end return system without breaking the bank.  The SKLZ Shoot-Around easily hooks to the rim and allows for a full 180 degrees of rotation so that you can work on shots from all over the court.

The biggest weakness is tied closely with one of its greatest strengths.  Since it can easily be attached to the rim and used almost immediately, it means that for it to be effective you must make your shots to get the SKLZ Shoot-Around Basketball Return Trainer to return to the ball to you.  That is why we recommend this system to those who are already good shooters as beginning shooters will likely be chasing the ball and get little use out of this product.

We recommend the SKLZ Shoot-Around Basketball Return Trainer most to moderately skilled to advanced shooters who find they have a particular weakness in shooting from a specific spot on the court.  Having this basketball return system will allow them to work on improving this weakness to the point where they can gain a new weapon in their shooting arsenal.

81bLXQ4t07L._SL1500_We love how easy this ball return system is to use.  Unlike basketball return systems that use nets, the SKLZ Shoot-Around Basketball Trainer is super simple to attach and use.  SKLZ also provides a 90 day warranty so if something breaks or the product is defective you will have the opportunity to return it for a full refund.

While we like the SKLZ Shoot-Around Basketball Trainer, we feel that its use is narrow in scope and best for the player described above.  Yet, if you find that you do have a specific shooting weakness on an area of the court then the Shoot-Around is the perfect solution to your problem.  If you are a beginning shooter please see our series on the five shooting drills you can use to develop a better shot.  You can also check out our article on several basketball training tools if you are interested in finding a product to help you work on another area of your game such dribbling or passing.

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