Air Jordan XXXIII Shoe Review

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  • FastFit system gives you excellent lockdown
  • 100% custom fit for every foot
  • Cool futuristic design will leave others in the stone age


  • The shoe is stiff and takes a while to break in
  • FastFit system’s paracord will rub your inner arch​

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Full Review – Air Jordan XXXIII  

If you want to talk about longevity in a shoe brand, look no further than Air Jordan. We are now on the 33rd installment of MJ’s signature shoe and boy is it unique. We’d expect no less from a brand known for its innovation and creativity when it comes to making stellar shoes. In a move that some find controversial, the Jordan 33 has done away with traditional laces. They are replaced with the all-new FastFit system. This theoretically allows you to fully customize the fit of your shoe. Since this shoe just dropped October 18th, the jury is still out on whether this system is a success or not.

Jordan AJ XXXIII Specs

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High Top

       15.6 oz

High Fliers

Down 1/2 Size


Traction is an upgraded area of this shoe compared to its predecessor the Jordan 32.

Though there isn’t anything remarkable about it, the traction pattern gets the job done.

It might even get you hungry for some maple syrup since it looks a lot like a waffle. We know what you’re really hungry for though… buckets! And the traction on this shoe will help you cut to the hoop, fake out defenders, and stop quickly with no problems.

Of course, like most Jordan’s, the sole is a softer rubber and will likely wear out quicker if you’re playing on a rough court.


Support is the highlight of this shoe without a doubt.

Immediately you’ll notice that there are no traditional laces on the shoe. Instead, they are replaced by two Back-To-The-Future-Looking straps.

The first goes over the top of your foot while the second is located on the outer heel.

You can release the tightness with a literal “Eject” loop much like a parachute.

Fittingly, the Jordan 33 uses paracord inside to accomplish terrific lockdown via these two straps.

Inside, your foot doesn’t move once you adjust the straps to your custom fit.

You might want more lockdown in the forefoot, which is easy with normal laces. It is possible in this shoe, you just have to adjust to the FastFit system.

Overall, we really like the innovation here and think that the new system does give players a quicker way to fit their shoe each and every game.


The materials for the Jordan 33 look a bit like a hodge-podge.

From leather to synthetics and a clear sole to lockdown straps everywhere, this shoe certainly has a unique look.

While some might like it, others might not.

It has a very futuristic vibe to it.

Otherwise, the quality of the materials is tremendous as should be expected from the Jordan brand.


Comfort is an area where this shoe is really lacking.

For one, it is stiff and takes a long time to break in.

This could leave your feet feeling fatigued during the first several times you wear the shoe.

Another problem is the paracord tightening system. It actually runs from the heel, up the inside of the arch and then towards the tongue.

This is a sore spot for many players and will definitely rub, if not leave a blister, if you aren’t careful.

Sole Decision

The Jordan 33 is a futuristic shoe.

Its FastFit system to replace laces gives you a locked-in, 100% custom fit each time you put it on.

However, poor layout of this system and a stiff shoe can make it uncomfortable for some players.

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